Sony working on Snapdragon S4 Pro based 5″ phablet, Galaxy Note competitor?

Yesterday, Sony’s upcoming smartphone code named Odin got leaked into the wild. We don’t have leaked images, but rather specifications and nature of the device. The phone is said to be packing internals and a casing (design and body) to compete with over sized smartphones popularly called “phablets” such as the Samsung Galaxy Note (and it’s successor and even larger Galaxy Note 2). Let’s see what the new smartphone from Sony will be packing.

Sony Odin Sony working on Snapdragon S4 Pro based 5 phablet, Galaxy Note competitor?



Sony Odin 5″ Phablet leaked Specifications

The 5″ phablet got a few of its internal details leaked out into the wild.

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  • Quad-Core Snapdragon S4 Pro Krait chipset
  • Adreno 320 GPU
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 5″ 1080p (1920×1080) display

Chipset: The Snapdragon S4 Pro packing four Krait CPUs (quad-core configuration) is currently the fastest processor that a mobile device could possibly pack. Based off Qualcomm’s custom Krait architecture, the per core performance is slightly lesser than ARM Cortex A15. However, there is no Cortex A15 based quad-core chipset available, making the Snapdragon S4 Pro the fastest chipset out there. The Adreno 320 GPU is another wonder, beating every GPU out there and only bowing down to the PowerVR SGX543 MP4 (quad-core) in the new Apple iPad. Sony usually lies a little low in packing new and super fast hardware into their devices. This time it seems Sony is leaving no stone un-turned.

RAM: 1 GB of RAM had only become common last year, and now 2 GB of RAM is the new standard for flagship models. The upcoming LG Optimus G is said to pack 2 GB of RAM. We still don’t know how 2 GB of RAM would be useful to a smartphone. But users love to get more as they are paying more for these devices.

Sony Xperia Odin Sony working on Snapdragon S4 Pro based 5 phablet, Galaxy Note competitor?

Display: The most interesting part of this device is the 5″ 1080p display panel. Now we are already aware that Sharp has completed development of 5″ 1080p panels, and the Oppo Find 5, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer has already announced their flagship Android smartphone packing the same display, so we are more inclined to believe this rumor than ever. If this is true, 1080p on a 5″ display would give a mind blowing high pixel density of 441 ppi. Makes the wait for this device even harder.

Sony Odin Phablet Release Time Frame

The Sony Odin 5″ phablet is expected to launch early 2013 with the 5″ displays will be ready for mass production (and be available in ample quantity). No word on the pricing, but this definitely won’t come in cheap. Expect this device to be unveiled at CES 2013.

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