Zync Pad Z999 Tablet Review

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    Zync Pad Z999 Tablet Review

    Here comes Zync Pad Z999, successor of Zync Pad Z909 tablet

    Key features and specifications:

    The Zync Pad Z999 is powered by an 800MHz snapdragon processor with 512MB DDR2 RAM while its predecessor had only 256MB RAM. Its internal memory is 8GB which gives it an edge over Z909. Its memory card supports a maximum of 32GB which seems to be a need now days in tablet market. For those high memory users, one can always use pen drives as the best alternative due to the fact that pen drives are a lot cheaper than micro SD memory cards. The Zync Pad Z999 comes preinstalled with Android 2.2 and works right out of the box unlike other tablets in which we need to configure lots of things before we can actually use the tablet.

    Best part in this is, irrespective of other 3G tablets available in market, with this one, we can call and SMS too, while other 3G tablets lack those features. It is best feature for those who can connect Bluetooth headset with it and make full use of this.

    The Zync Pad has a 7” capacitive WQVGA display with multi touch which is a need as resistive touch causes strain on fingers. It features a front camera of 0.3 megapixels with autofocus instead of the usual fixed focus front side camera (which is generally found in various other tablets) and 2 megapixels back camera for photo click and video shoots. Other key specifications include G-sensor, Wi-Fi connectivity, 3.5mm audio jack, POP-3 support.

    Overall design and usability:

    In terms of device itself, the Zync Pad has a good finish. Its back is shiny and looks good to flaunt. Its speaker is located in the side. The backside has a black/white finish which makes it bit shinny. Its display is covered with a thin film protecting screen against scratches, but I know that it will definitely come off in a month or so. But best part is, they have supplied proprietary scratch guard of high quality which can be applied manually by user. Best part it, it does not contain any physical buttons except volume and power one, rest 4 feather touch buttons are provided it.

    The power button is present on the right side if it is held in portrait position. All jacks and connectivity options are provided on the bottom side of bezel when tablet is held in portrait orientation. Its ports includes 3.5mm audio jack, 3.5mm charging connector and micro USB port in the order of right to left when held in portrait orientation while micro SD memory card slot and sim card slot are on the right side if held in same orientation.

    Its aspect ratio is 16:9 in landscape orientation which makes it good to watch videos and movies on it. It owns four-way accelerometer which makes is very convenient to use in any odd positions. And even after so much of functionality it is light in weight.

    Package contents:

    Once after unboxing the tablet, I found loads of accessories and thing which amazed us was the way they were so nicely placed in it. Apart from tablet and its charger, its includes a high quality scratch guard specifically designed to be placed on it along with a dirt removing cloth, one set of nice quality 3.5mm headphones meant to be used with it, a very nice, high quality, stretchable pouch to carry the tablet. There no zipper on pouch and I was scared that the tablet might slip out of it while carrying, but once I placed tablet inside the pouch, it fit so nicely that my fears of the tablet slipping out were allayed. The package also includes a USB cable which can be used to connect the tablet to PC to transfer data to and fro.


    The Good:

    • Nice design.

    • Calling and other functionalities as those of phones.

    • Awesome touch.

    • Good combination of processor, ram and rom.

    • Works out of the box.

    • Connectable to PC.

    • Auto focus front camera.

    • 4200MaH battery (I was able to use it for 7-8 hours usage and 4-5 days standby in single charge).

    • Lots of preloaded applications and games.

    • Box full of accessories.

    • 1 year manufacturer warranty with free pick up and drop facility by just logging the complaint over the phone.

    • At the end, most important thing: Price which is only Rs. 11,990/-

    The Bad:

    • Speaker: Though, this is what we can expect at this price point.

    • At least one USB 2.0 port would make it better considering the tablets coming out today in market.

    • No HDMI port to connect it to large displays.

    For more pics :

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  2. tech4pk

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    Nice review friend. How's the build quality and voice quality when you use it as a phone. Is this a quad band GSM SIM? How's the 3G speed?
  3. iknowledge

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    What are the damages?
  4. RoBoGhOsT

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    News Reporter

    there is no info about how did it run apps , how is the response time , camera performance , audio performance , UI , this much which u posted anyone can make out seeing the specs :p

    also the pics are not while it is actually running so atleast one can judge how is the screen etc . so atleast post review which has some useful info , this looks more like some advertisement .
  5. Xavier

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    If this were priced at ~8k, it would be a much better deal.
  6. OP

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    Build quality is quite good bro. 3G speed was good. I used MTNL 3G speed and average speedtest result showed ~2Mbps which is quite fine. Regarding the quad band GSM, I'm unaware, need to check for this.

    --- Updated Post - Automerged ---

    Price is ~11K.

    All apps that I ran on it worked flawlessly without crashing or any sort of lag. Response time is also better than one can expect from this processor. Back camera is good but front camera is VGA so only better for video chats, though one can click images too from its front camera. User Interface is good. Screen is quite bright making it very easy to read and all.

    Price stated now. Sorry, I forgot to mention it earlier.
  7. Nalin

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    Nice Review mate ;)

    Does this have android market ?
  8. OP

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    Yup, it does. :D

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