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Discussion in 'Gaming Consoles' started by Bluffmaster, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. Bluffmaster

    Bluffmaster Well-Known Member

    Hi Guys,

    So the latest news is that the new Xbox 360 Slim can be modded to play backups now. The hard mod costs around Rs. 1500 bucks from Palika Bazaar. You can still connect to Xbox Live provided you have the original disk. This is great news for people like me who have invested in shit load of original games and want to backup their originals for it to be safe for future use. This is also great news for pirates who do not wish to pay for their games. :p Anyways, I am going for this mod in a couple of days, the dealer even said that he will not break the seal and that the warranty of the console will still be valid (I am skeptical about this though). Anyone else here who have got their slim modded yet? Should I be worried about anything?

    P.S : Just like the PS3 jailbreak thread, this thread is perfectly adhering to TE's policy. Afterall, making backups of one's legally owned games is legal now and that is what I intend to do with this mod. (for the most part anyways. :p)
  2. L33TWiZaRd

    L33TWiZaRd Active Member

    You will definitely get banned if you go on-line.

    So stay off-line once you get the console modded.

    P.S: One other thing you can't make backups of your xbox 360 game without having a special drive flashed with a firmware that allows you to dump games. Just a headsup :p
  3. kanishk619

    kanishk619 Active Member

    +1 to this... :p
  4. Bluffmaster

    Bluffmaster Well-Known Member

    I am going for the mod today. The dealer did say to me that I will be able to go online with an original disk. Lets see how it all pans out.
  5. Ethan_Hunt

    Ethan_Hunt Secret Agent Man

    If you're getting it done from someone else, ensure that he provides you your DVD drive key's back up. You will need this for future firmware updates. Also, don't flash it now, as the newer game discs come in XGD3 format and until you don't have IXtreme LT 2.0, you won't be able to back-up those games and play it. So wait for LT 2.0 to release and then flash your firmware.
  6. dinjo

    dinjo Hell Yeah[Born Critic]

    Slim was able to play back up for more than 5 months its nothing new.

    Don't get it modded now!!!
  7. Imrahn

    Imrahn Active Member

    If the flash is gonna take long to release, ain't it better to mod now and mod again later when new Iextreme is out??

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  8. Ethan_Hunt

    Ethan_Hunt Secret Agent Man

    Depends on your level of patience. If it's really urgent, then might as well mod it now and play the older games. Since this is a major change in disc format, it's better to hold out for the new IXtreme firmware and get it flashed. If you can flash the console on your own, then there is no issues doing it again. However, if you're paying someone to get it done, then won't it be better to get get the updated version of the firmware, rather than paying for it twice?
  9. eXcesscaLIBER

    eXcesscaLIBER Active Member

    Hard mod ? Is it same as flashing your DVD drive or does it involve soldering the chip and stuff?
  10. vercetti

    vercetti Well-Known Member

    Guys...correct me if I am wrong.

    Once u does not matter if ur DVD is original or pirated. XBL just checks the console

    so irrespective of what DVD u put u will get banned.

    You should never listen and beleive to the palika folks I guess
  11. Ethan_Hunt

    Ethan_Hunt Secret Agent Man

    There is no real indication of what MS exactly detects, when a BAN is levied. You don't get a message saying "You have a illegal DVD or modded drive was detected or the console is JTAG'd". It doesn't point out the exact reason for the ban. Moral of the story: Once you modify the hardware and connect to XBL, don't be surprised if you're banned at some point.
  12. vercetti

    vercetti Well-Known Member

    I know and agree with u..

    but it has been more or less verified that it detects the console being tampered with and bans the console as it recognises a tampered console.

    But again...nothing is proven just like the ebay bans:)

  13. Ethan_Hunt

    Ethan_Hunt Secret Agent Man

    MS could run a check for anything, not necessarily the console only. Let's assume, you get the back-up of a game prior to it's release date and run it online without a stealth check, then MS could probably detect that and ban you. So in this case, it could have been the disc check which got detected.
  14. Bluffmaster

    Bluffmaster Well-Known Member

    So, I went to Palika for the mod, they opened the fcuking thing and said it would take some 30-40 mins for the mod, I went for a stroll and when I returned I found out that their was some problem with flashing and that a crack for my version of the drive hasn't released yet. The guy still said there was a 50-50 chance that flashing might work but the dealer recommended to wait for a few days instead, I appreciated the dealer for his honesty and returned home with a heavy heart. :( Meanwhile, I had even selected 30 copies to take home with the xbox. Damn hard luck, but I am still hopeful, the dealer said it won't take more than a week for a crack for my drive to release. Lets hope for the best. XBL can go and screw itself for all I care, I just want the mod to work.
  15. L33TWiZaRd

    L33TWiZaRd Active Member

    Which shop did you go to? I believe The Palika dealer just told you a fib :(

    I personally can and have modded all versions of xbox 360 and the various drives available to date.

    Couple of things that people have got wrong in the above posts are:

    1. Modded consoles will get banned from XBL if you go online. The probability of that happening is 1 out of 1 or a 100% if you want. Additionally, it won't happen instantaneously......MS take their time and roll our planned mass banning usually coinciding with a release of a major game like Gears of War, Halo or Call of Duty.

    2. Until a month back updating the new slim console to the latest dashboard rendered the console unmoddable. The story has changed a little since then and there is a mod out for the slim 360 drive but it is a very cumbersome and can result in killing the drive in its entirely. It is called the kamikaze hack.

    3. There are two different chips on the slim 360 drive. The first is MXIC and the other is Winbond. The laters is more troublesome and requires the kaimkaze hack to be performed to mod the drive.

    4. Stay offline once you have modded the console as you will definitely get banned and in turn loose your warranty on the console. You will also loose certain functionalities as well including Windows Media Center support and few others.

    Now you all know :p
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  16. Bluffmaster

    Bluffmaster Well-Known Member

    ^Thanks for the informed reply. I went to shop no. 2 (Electronic Palace). I find the dealer reliable, I have been dealing with him from the past 7-8 years. Got my PS2 modded from him as well. Staying offline is not really a problem. IIRC, I did update the dashboard a few weeks back, you think that has something to do with it? The dealer had the opportunity to make a quick buck with the mod, I believe he would have done it if it was possible. He is also perhaps the biggest and quite credible dealer of consoles in Palika, so I believe if he wasn't able to do it, it probably cannot be done?

    I just hope they did not tinker with the chip, as of now I am able to go online.
  17. dinjo

    dinjo Hell Yeah[Born Critic]

    I agree with ban part unless you are flagged for ban the chances are very slim people have been online for last 2 years and still not banned you can check your hex value using xval to identify whether you are flagged for ban or not.

    In regards to slim mod unless its 1214 drive those cannot be flashed all other drives can.
  18. dinjo

    dinjo Hell Yeah[Born Critic]

    Is he retaining the warranty sticker while modding?
  19. Bluffmaster

    Bluffmaster Well-Known Member

    ^Yes, he is. Any news on when that particular drive is expected to be flashed?
  20. dinjo

    dinjo Hell Yeah[Born Critic]

    OMG Benq LT 2.0 is done

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