Storage Solutions !! Write Error !! - Access medium with invalid address - LG GH22NS50 - HELP

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    Guys, plz help. My 7 months old 22x lg dvd-writer is showing writer errors since yesterday. Got this error 2 times. I used a SONY 16x media and i burnt 4gb data in 18x speed. Can i write in a speed which is above the speed rated in the media ?. Is this the reason why i am getting write errors. The burn process goes to 97% and then fails.

    The 1st failure occured yesterday with multisession mode. The 2nd failure occured today with a new dvd. SOFTWARE i am using is power2go 7....

    PLZ HELP - I have attached the LOG FILE of the burn process

    Note: I have burnt 16x dvds in 18x sometime back with no issues with the same device.
    !! Write Error !! - Access medium with invalid address
    Sense Key : 05h(ILLEGAL REQUEST)
    Sense Code : 21h 02h
    Current Address : 2031040

    16:46:00, file(cl_DVDData.cpp), line(3477)
    -> Begin new track: 1

    16:46:00, file(cl_DVDData.cpp), line(3508)
    -> Write data
    Last write LBA: 2031040

    16:52:38, file(cl_DVDData.cpp), line(3706)
    -> End new track

    16:52:38, File(cl_DVDData.cpp), Line(321)
    -> Burning Fail, ErrCode: 0xeb020be4


    Error Code : 0xeb020be4

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