Budget 10-15K Worth buying End of Life iPhones on Black Friday?

Discussion in 'Mobile Phone Buying Advice' started by AMG, Nov 16, 2018.

  1. AMG

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    So I've been planning to get a bunch of old iPhones (old, not used) to test out iOS, before I ditch android, and was thinking of the iPhone SE and the 6S (or 7). Just wanted to know if it is worth getting them from overseas on Black Friday, and if yes, how do I get them here?

    I mean, the SE, in India, is 18K. Whats the price speculated to be in, say Black Friday?
  2. onlyravi

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    Its worth only if you intend to buy it as your testing device to get hands on on the apple IOS ecosystem. I would advice you to spend little extra and go for the iPhone 7 PLUS as the minimum version that you should try. Reason being the camera in iphone 7 (or older models) and the camera is 7plus and newer models is worlds apart. I am strictly a non iphone person but every time I have used the camera of my nephew's iphone 7p I was always impressed. So much that I advised him not to buy the Op6t and stick to the 7plus for now. I use a OP6 and I find the 7plus camera to be at par or at times even better than the OP6.
    Now color reproduction is only thing I dont like about every iphone camera but then these kind of stuff is strictly personal opinion and can vary from individual to individual.

    One concern that you may want to think of is if that phone is almost 2 years old so the battery is nearing EOL. Even if its a seal packed phone the battery will only last so much. So consider the poor battery life and cost of replacing the battery too in your black friday deal price :) I dont know if apple does replace the battery.
    Prices: I cannot comment on since not a apple fan at all :) and I am not sure how readily you will get those old models too in countries like US.
    there is a master of such deals on TE. if he can comment here.... :)
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  3. madhan001

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    I saw one for $80 on walmart's black friday ad. I think its a sim unlocked version. Still a decent phone if you're into tiny phones
  4. Julian

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    Err, batteries don't work like that. There is no shelf life effect practically. Life just comes down to the number of charge-discharge cycles and stress conditions really.

    The iphone SE is a no-brainer buy at 79.99 if someone wants a small apple phone.
  5. OP

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    Thats a steal.

    Link please.
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  7. girish925

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    was planning to pick this is locked to trac phone :( the review below says this

    The phone is an apple phone and works good. The reason why I only give one star when it should be no star is because WalMart does not tell you nor is it listed on the box when you buy the phone that this phone can only be used on Trac phone service, It can not be unlocked so you can not use it on another service.
  8. Gearbox

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    Even if you buy, won't you to pay some customs duty to receive it?
  9. girish925

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    nope a friend mite be coming from usa nxt month :)
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    Even if you're planning on buying it and replacing the battery, Apple is still running an offer here in India to replace the batteries for around Rs. 2000 + tax. This offer expires as of December 31st, 2018. I personally got my 6S battery replaced just this past month for a total price of Rs. 2750, after around 800+ cycles. Now, I think I can use this for 2-3 years more (fingers crossed :p )

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