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Discussion in 'Home Automation & Networking' started by distro, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. distro

    distro Well-Known Member

    I need a router powerful enough at point A to cover point B. Point A is an apartment and B is in an apartment two floors above within my building. I have two tplink-740n atm running openwrt, the WDS mode isn't much stable with frequent disconnections frequently.

    I tried Cisco E4200 at point A with no success, it's bricked atm. Has anyone been successful with this stuff ?


  2. axeman

    axeman Ye Olde Systems Breaker

    keep the tp link, upgrade your antenna, see sites like bitfang and choose
  3. distro

    distro Well-Known Member

    Bitfang looks like a decent site, but router's antenna isn't detachable.

    So no joy there.

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