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  1. R0@CH

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    Hey wassup guys,

    This here is my first ever tutorial on how to set your custom wallpaper in windows media player. {Win7/Vista}

    This would be the final result :-


    Apparatus Required

    1. Restorator 2007 Trial {reshack can also be used, but restorator is much easier}

    Restorator 2007 - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET

    2. Awesome/Cool/Jaw-Dropping/Head-Turner Wallpaper {Highly Recommended}

    3. Windows Media Player Background Selector.

    Free File Sharing Made Simple - MediaFire

    Let's Begin

    Start Restorator trial, you'll be shown a waiting page to register and blah, blah, blah, ignore and continue.

    Click on OPEN button


    Navigate to "C:\Windows\system32\" and select { wmploc.dll }


    You can see the contents of the dll file on both sides. click on the 257 folder on the left side pane.


    You can see the contents of the 257 folder on the right side.

    Navigate to "LIBRARY_BACKGROUND7.png" and double click it, to see the DEFAULT image of the Windows Media Player.


    Right Click on the "LIBRARY_BACKGROUND7.png" on the left pane and select Assign, and further clicking Assign To.


    Click on the "Resource Files" on the bottom right Drop Down list and select "All Files".


    Select the Image/Wallpaper of your choice, and click on the "SAVE" button right next to the "OPEN" button.

    Close Restorator Trial, and go check out your new Windows Media Player Background.

    Note :-

    The "LIBRARY_BACKGROUND.png" files are listed from "LIBRARY_BACKGROUND{2}.png" to "LIBRARY_BACKGROUND{7}.png".
    The 7th image represents the default image which can also be customized.
    You can also customize the rest of the "LIBRARY_BACKGROUND.png" images to your liking, and have a total of 6 custom backgrounds.

    Use the "Windows Media Player Background Selector" to switch between the backgrounds On-The-Fly.
    {Windows Media Player needs to be closed.}

    Please feel free to give me feedbacks about typos, dead links, etc.
    I know many of you already know this, but it never hurts to spread the knowledge. Right?
    i tried searching here in TE before writing this, and couldn't find something similar, if this has already been made, staff members feel free to delete this thread.

    Adios !!!

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  2. vivek.krishnan

    vivek.krishnan Error Code 451

    A very nice tutorial. Also is there any limit to the size of the png file? Just asking.

    repped you.
  3. agantuk

    agantuk Well-Known Member

    Missed this post for some reason. Really nice :)
  4. lll_aritra_lll

    lll_aritra_lll Active Member

    Very nice tutorial.. repped
  5. OP

    R0@CH New Member

    Thanx everyone for all the reps and replies.

    @vivek.krishnan - so far i have not found any limit of the size of pics

    the highest i have gone was with the Rising Raiden pic of 6 Mb.

    Cheers !!!
  6. vivek.krishnan

    vivek.krishnan Error Code 451

    I'm sorry, I meant resolution, not the file size.

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