Windows 9 Is Coming: No Start Button, Launch Date in November 2014

Discussion in 'Latest Technology News' started by The Knight, Mar 2, 2013.

  1. The Knight

    The Knight Knight is coming

    Windows 8 is quite a new operating system and even if it hit the market in October, Microsoft is already working on two major upgrades.

    The first of them is reportedly called Windows Blue and may arrive as soon as this summer in the form of a Windows 8 upgrade available at absolutely no cost, while the second is the full Windows 8 successor, apparently baptized Windows 9.

    As usual, Microsoft doesn’t talk on its future projects, so there’s no confirmation on this, but sources familiar with the matter claim that Windows 9 will most likely see daylight next year.

    According to a recent report, Microsoft would release the first Windows 9 beta version on January 7, 2014, while the first release candidate may see daylight in July 2014.

    If everything goes according to the plan, Windows 9 RTM could be finalized in October 2014, while the public release would take place in November.

    If this is true, Windows 9 would arrive at approximately two years after its predecessor, but with a major upgrade rolled out between the two releases.

    As far as the Windows 9 features go, sources familiar with the matter suggest that Microsoft won’t bring back the Start button, but instead, it would focus on developing the Start Screen and adding more configuration options.

    As a result, third-party Start menu apps would be users’ only chance to make Windows a more familiar working environment, but Microsoft expects all consumers to get used to the Start Screen by the time Windows 9 hits the market.

    As we said, these are all rumors, so we should take them with a grain of salt until Microsoft steps in front of the media and says something about the Windows 8 successor. The good news is that work has already started on Windows 9, so it’s just a matter of time until we hear more about it.

  2. neojjjk

    neojjjk Well-Known Member

    Huh, they must bring some option to downgrade windows 9/8 to windows 7.
  3. wuodland

    wuodland New Member

    What already? Even OS‘s have started taking a 2 year cycle? #fail :facepalm:
  4. Spacescreamer

    Spacescreamer Well-Known Member
    Section Mod

    Seems like these people been using Android phones a bit too much..
  5. Fenix

    Fenix Radhey Krishan

    Microsoft never learns from Mistakes. First windows ME then Windows Vista / Now Windows 8 and Surface . Wish if they worked to make Windows 7 even better.
  6. H2O

    H2O Well-Known Member

    I'm not really sure why everyone is complaining. Windows 8 is pretty good, it's faster than Windows 7 for day to day operations. Also the Start Screen serves as a nice place to aggregate updates such as emails, etc. Also the search is much better than Windows 7.
  7. Fenix

    Fenix Radhey Krishan

    I work with a computer manufacturer.Its a known name in computers and there was a data shared with us. Return rate for Windows 8 is 28%,which is even more than Windows Vista.Customers are opting for downgrade to Windows 7 or returning the computer.This is global data and not just based on a particular area like US or Europe or Asia/Pacific/Japan.
  8. DigitalDude

    DigitalDude Well-Known Member

    though some ppl want to downgrade to Win 7, I guess this stat has more to do with Win 8 being on more form factors than just conventional laptops and desktops.

    anyway people will eventually get used to it.

  9. amitjakhar

    amitjakhar Active Member

    For me Windows 8 is total upgrade, I am never gonna see Windows 7 again. Just the looks of windows 8 shows its upgraded version let alone the functionality. People should give some time to new things then share their views.
  10. d6bmg

    d6bmg BMG FTW!!

    No start button? meh!
    Used win 8 for 1 month in vmware before deleting it for being too much user-friendly..
    If this happens I can see no future upgrades in trms of OS.
  11. alekhkhanna

    alekhkhanna Well-Known Member

    +1. It's an good upgrade over Win 7.

    I also have data which shows people worldwide are getting dumber every year. That may be the cause of returns. :rolleyes:
  12. abhishek2600

    abhishek2600 ≡ Green World ≡

    its almost a month when i last booted Windows 7..... its just a blink and i get to the start screen of Win8 after pressing the power button
    and the start screen with some keyboard shortcuts makes me forget the start button on earlier version of windows....
  13. Fenix

    Fenix Radhey Krishan

    There was a convention that Microsoft had couple of weeks ago - Called Techdays and i got the opportunity to attend via an invite send by Microsoft. Me and My friends attended it and shared the same thing with them. They said that unlike Windows Vista and Windows 7,this was totally not based on the previous versions and Windows 8 was build from scratch. As a user of any of the operating systems made by Microsoft earlier,i am accustomed to certain things and when i am asked to use something with a different UI-it becomes not that friendly.This is from the perspective of a simple home user. Its just like one has the habit of driving only automatic transmission cars and he/she is subjected to drive a car with manual transmission.
  14. 6pack

    6pack Well-Known Member

    These people are the ones who didn't use it properly or who have trouble adjusting to new environments. I'm using computers since past 20 years. After installing windows 8, it took me less than 15 minutes to get accustomed to the new interface.
    Even on my old core2 machine with just 2GB ram the os boots in 14seconds flat. windows 7 took 90 seconds comparatively on the same config. The explorer window has improved, the stability of the system has improved (since windows 7), and there are many new features like adding iso as a virtual drive natively, pausing while copying files, and a lot more.

    I find young people complaining that it sucks etc etc. They are trying to justify their incompetence in not adjusting to an os as a mistake on microsoft's part. Yet these guys gripe about not having a start screen to click. Windows 8 is 10 times better than windows 7. Makes me feel these guys are just bashing windows for the sake of bashing. Probably they should buy apple computers and start using OS X.
  15. blkrb0t

    blkrb0t It's Nothing Personal

    Windows 8 is best experienced with a touchscreen laptop. I'm never buying a non-touchscreen laptop if I decide to buy one. I didn't think Windows 8 was that great, but after experiencing it on a touch device I realised the way Microsoft is heading towards. They are miles ahead of the competition, even Apple and Google, but they don't have the "cool" factor associated with them as of yet. And being almost a monopoly in PC market doesn't help too, they are always despised by the people.
  16. asingh

    asingh Well-Known Member
    Super Mod

    Anyone who is back-grading to Win7 has not used Win8 enough and is stockholmed to the "start button". That is about it. Now with it missing, 'we all' realize it was the many-where access key. Those of us, who optimized their Win7/XP via taskbar pins, dektop icon, and learning SC keys are just fine with Win8. It took me longer than 15 minutes to get used to it, but yea, it is much better than Win7. Win7 now feels redundant and extremely slow. Services take ages to load, and a boot-up is painful. Also USB recognition and native device driver support is much better. It is much more intuitive. For kicks, I had installed a third-party start button. It totally slowed down the machine, and seemed like malware. Removed it...! I am on an i3/1GB RAM netbook, and it boots up in 10-11 seconds, services ready. What more do we want..? Also when the OS sleeps, it is way way less resource hungry.
  17. Nalin

    Nalin Gamer Inside

    Windows 8 was designed with low power devices kept in mind,especially ARM devices and portables.

    Most of Windows 7 users didn't like the start screen interface due to a reason that is it is not optimized for desktops and who will use apps when one can directly go to browser or use a program instead.
    Windows 8 is what it is a more mobile friendly OS,i find windows 7 to be more stable than 8 but that's me.
  18. alekhkhanna

    alekhkhanna Well-Known Member

    The moment you boot, press Win + D. No more un-needed Metro apps. Everything looks like Win 7 and performs way better.
    Also, people need to realize that Search is a redesigned glorified Start Menu. A couple of alphabets in and it almost never ever fails to point out what you need.

    I work on both, Win 7 @ work and Win 8 @ home. Other than accessing URLs needing the company's VPN, I do all my work on the Win 8 machine. Faster, more stable, sleek and overall easier to operate.
  19. Sub

    Sub Well-Known Member

    If it were only for low power mobile devices Desktop wouldn't exist. But that's not how it is. If you just look at the Desktop it is a major improvement over Windows 7. Definitely a bigger leap forward over 7 than 7 was over Vista. On top of that you have an awesome new environment which will take Windows into the next decade. For power use, the Desktop is not just still there but like I mentioned much improved. So, it is all about choice, no one is forcing you to use apps. The Start button is still there in the bottom right corner, just hidden, and the clunky Start menu has been replaced by a much more useful Start screen. Sure, it takes a few hours to adjust - after all this is the first major change in Windows for nearly 20 years - but once you are used to it, everything falls into place. Having said all of that, there's no doubt that it is a version 1 product and feels like it, something that needs a couple of iterations for maturity. (The Desktop though is near perfection.) This is why they are moving to a rapid release, there will be Blue in 2013, 9 in 2014. The vision that started with Windows 8 would take till 2014 to be completed. At the time hardware would also catch up, with Broadwell allowing laptop performance with tablet power/thermals. That will allow for awesome new form factors and experiences. Even today a machine like Surface Pro for instance can act like a tablet, laptop and desktop all in one. It is just a glimpse of the future.

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