Monitors Which monitor to buy? Dell U2312M or U2412M?

Discussion in 'Computer Hardware' started by maiden_trooper, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. maiden_trooper

    maiden_trooper New Member


    I want to upgrade my monitor to an IPS panel and have narrowed down my options to one of the two Dell monitors: U2312M and U2412M

    I primarily use my monitor for moderate gaming (think BattleField 3, the upcoming Max Payne 3, etc.) and for watching movies.

    The trouble is that the U2312M is a 16:9 monitor costing about Rs. 14,500 and the U2412M is a 16:10 one costing about Rs. 20,500 (according to Dell).

    My question is: Should I pay a hefty price premium for a the 16:10 U2412M which is just one inch bigger than the 16:9 U2312M?

    Will that one extra inch make a good enough difference in viewing to warrant the extra price?

    As I haven't seen either monitor myself, I have a completely wild theory that the width of the two monitors is the same and the one extra inch of the U2412M goes towards the extra height. If this is indeed true, then I will probably buy the U2312M and save some cash while at it.

    Please help me choose my new monitor....

  2. Julian

    Julian om nom nom

    I can't give you exact advice specific to these two models but 16:10 is MUCH better than 16:9 for windows use. It's just when you play movies, you have taller black bars.

    Look at panel display quality reviews though and decide.

    Isn't the 2410 available anymore?
  3. OP

    maiden_trooper New Member

    Hi Julian, thanks for your comment.

    I am not sure about the 2410, but from what I hear, it is way expensive compared to the U2412M.

    I called up Ankit Computers on SP Road, and they sell the U2412M for Rs. 17,500.

    I have more or less made up my mind to buy one this Friday (happens to be the festival of Ugadi [​IMG]).
  4. Julian

    Julian om nom nom

    Yeah it would be almost 10k more i guess! What i plan to upgrade to from my US 2208 if it's still available whenever...

    If there's a 6k difference between a 16:10 and a 16:9 then i would probably go for the 16:9 if it has a good enough panel.
  5. Jakob

    Jakob Well-Known Member

  6. rite

    rite Well-Known Member

    IMO probably the panels are different. Check reviews. Anyway, I prefer 16 : 9 even if I need to spend a bit more and not vice versa. So I would recommend the cheaper Dell here. [​IMG]
  7. ALPHA17

    ALPHA17 Cooler "Master"

    Has the after sales of ASUS, i.e., Rashi picked up the slack because if it has not any issues that OP faces he will have to go for a long protracted RMA process with them. Although the monitor in itself is better than the Dell Ultrasharp series.

    I would recommend the Dell U2311H ~13800/- OR Dell Ultrasharp U2312M ~14500/-, over the 24" Dell panel. 16: 9 is a better deal considering you will be watching movies as well as playing games, the 16: 9 widescreen format is now more dominant.

    Hope this helps, Cheers!!
  8. TechHead

    TechHead Well-Known Member
    Super Mod

    YOu guys are nuts.. why would you give up the extra vertical 120 pixels on a 1920*1080 monitor?

    16:10 is so much better for productivity purposes - let's face it, you'll probably be surfing/emailing/word processing/game-playing fat more than watching 1920*1080 BD rips.
  9. DigitalDude

    DigitalDude Well-Known Member

    as you said I mostly do all those above things than watching movies. mostly use two windows side by side.. but I feel zero difference working with both 16:10 and 16:9 aspect ratios.

    some 4 to 5 times I needed lot of vertical space for some layout purposes so I used the monitor in portrait orientation.

    I dont think there is any difference in panel quality(I have not verified this). the price difference is mostly due to the now lesser produced 16:10 aspect ratio panels.

    go for the U2312H and save some bucks. unless you absolutely need the extra pixels.

  10. OP

    maiden_trooper New Member

    Hi guys.

    Thanks for all your responses. You inputs as well as the following reviews have helped me make up my mind to buy the cheaper, 16:9 U2312HM:



    According to these reviews, the cheaper U2312HM has better viewing angles and amazingly low input lag when compared to the expensive U2412M.

    Also, considering the fact that I will use the monitor mostly for watching movies and playing games, am going with the U2312HM (not to mention the 3000 bucks I will end-up saving).

    I will buy the monitor on Friday, and will post here to let you know my impressions of it...
  11. xygenome

    xygenome New Member

    If you are planning an eyefinity or a multiple monitor setup in the future, IMO it would make sense getting the U2312HM.

    If at all you decide to get a monitor from another make by then, you may have better luck in finding the perfect monitor with a slim bezel.

    I myself am getting the U2312HM this week too.
  12. sanjiv

    sanjiv Active Member

    I found DELL U2311H for 14K in Nehru Place and almost bought it if i had not seen the small crack at the back [​IMG] After asking around for U2312HM most quoted 15.5K which is more than i want to pay for the 2312HM.
  13. Nir-V-aNa

    Nir-V-aNa Well-Known Member

    OP can opt to go with Neoteric Infomatique Ltd. instead, in case that happens.
  14. Rogues

    Rogues Active Member

    The vertical screen space on 16:10 is very useful while coding too. 16:9 monitors feel narrow-ish. Though I'd not be willing to pay more than 1k-1.5k for the extra height.
  15. abracadabra

    abracadabra Well-Known Member

    have a look at this review just in case
  16. OP

    maiden_trooper New Member

    Yeah, I did. This review is what set me on the path of buying a new monitor in the first place...

    But, going by the TFTCentral reviews, I am more inclined towards buying the U2312HM now.
  17. xygenome

    xygenome New Member

    Perhaps these two link might help you...

    Personally, since I am building a gaming rig and having read somewhere that games are more attuned these days to a 16:9 ratio, I went with the 23". I also read somewhere widescreen movies on 24" at 16:10 aspect tend to show black bars above and below.

    But that's just me. Both the Dell's have striking reviews, and it's almost a win-win situation. Go for whichever you feel will serve you best as per your needs. [​IMG]
  18. Julian

    Julian om nom nom

    Myself, i'm too accustomed to and love my 16:10 ultrasharp so 16:9 is a bit annoying for me, but you should consider that all laptops for eg. are 16:9. The black bar argument doesn't hold much merit because even though a 'proper' 16:9 movie will not show any black bars on a 16:9 monitor, many movies use 'cinematic' ratios like 2.35:1 which will show pretty massive bars even on a 16:9. Gaming of course will benefit from a 16:10, giving you a more immersive feel.

    Since this seems to be your first widescreen lcd, just jump for the 16:9 (as long as it's a better performing panel) and save some bucks in the process. you will get used to it.
  19. jovito

    jovito New Member

    I would feel the best choice for your use ( gaming, movies ) would be [font="arial, sans-serif"]U2312HM, meanwhile the U2412M would be an excellent choice for people who do graphic and animation work on their pc as they can take advantage of the 16:10 extra space on the screen also these screen have an input issue and are not exactly ideal for gaming.[/font]
  20. xygenome

    xygenome New Member

    ^ This!

    Actually I am planning for an eyefinity setup in a future upgrade and I have already decided my next monitor will be the Samung 750D. It's a 3D monitor which is 23 inches, but I think it's yet to be launched in Bharat.

    The other great options I looked into for 3D gaming monitors usually have them in either 23" or 27". That is another reason I went for the get a proper setup in the future.

    The response time exactly isn't that great on these two Dells, but I did read that they don't bother people much. These are perhaps the most commonly used monitors for an eyefinity setup as well. But that's just me.

    Sort out your use, relate it with your budget, think over the price difference and whether you will be going for a multi-monitor setup in the future and decide accordingly. There maybe 24" 3D monitors coming in the future too, but I prefer to play it safe with what is already there than hoping and waiting for release of something that exactly suits my needs. [​IMG]

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