PC Peripherals Which Laser Printer? - Canon or HP?

Discussion in 'Computer Hardware' started by Corleone, Jan 30, 2010.

  1. Corleone

    Corleone Active Member


    I want to buy a basic mono laser printer. I am stuck between

    HP 1007 and Canon LBP2900B

    Which one do you guys recommend?

  2. leodi

    leodi Member

    I am also confused between these 2 models.

    tech gurus please recommend which is better.

    also can we refill both the cartridges ??:S
  3. OP

    Corleone Active Member

    I got the Canon today. Yes you can re-fill both cartridges AFAIK
  4. harmandeep

    harmandeep VirTuaLiZaTioN Freak

    go with Canon LBP2900B ... toner capacity 140 ml | hp 1007 - 60 ml --- as per local refilling guys and no Chip Protection with Canon 2900
  5. adityamunshi

    adityamunshi Active Member

    +1 to that :hap2:
  6. vijayshimla

    vijayshimla Well-Known Member

    Am also looking for one-For How how much did you buy the Canon LBP2900B ? Have to pick up one soon.
    AFAIK how much is the refilling of the CTg. ? and how many prints does one get- ball park.
  7. testsubjectalpha

    testsubjectalpha New Member

    What's "chip protection"?
  8. leodi

    leodi Member

    One of the dealer was telling Canon LBP2900B comes with Demo cartridge. whats that ??? :S & also i've read somewhere that in software there is no option of duplex printing. :huh:
  9. leodi

    leodi Member

    will be very thankful if anybody could answer this :)
  10. janitha

    janitha New Member

    There used to be some printers (Samsung etc. IIRC) which came with cartridges with less toner than normal, giving less number of pages printed. There were such inkjet printers too. (Epson etc. IIRC). These were mentioned in the advertisements too in fine letters. But the toner with the Canon LBP 1210 which I bought about 4 years back lasted very long, though I have no idea of the number of pages printed. Now getting it refilled and having nearly the same quality.
  11. Yossarian

    Yossarian Member

    all new printers come with their cartridges filled about 10% of their full capacity. didn't anyone wonder the price of a new cartridge set is almost equal or more than thaT of a new printer :p
  12. gcbeldar

    gcbeldar Well-Known Member

    yes, if u want duplex printing option. canon will not work, not tried hp 1007
  13. harmandeep

    harmandeep VirTuaLiZaTioN Freak

    Guys, i had heard that there is a software for windows named 'fineprint' courtesy of which , our non duplex printers have the facility to act as manual duplex printers...via a driver interface provided by that software ...

    Can anyone confirm the success rate of this software (or of anyother ) with respect to all applications ???
  14. mk76

    mk76 Well-Known Member

    ^ I used Fineprint long ago.. around 6 years back. It's a useful application - great print previewer plus allows final print to be corrected in many ways.

    As for manual duplex, well that can easily be achieved without any application. You would need to

    1) Print the odd pages first and

    2) Place the same set of paper correctly in the tray and finally

    3) Print the even pages

    :) voila manual duplex.
  15. jaydeee

    jaydeee New Member

    for printer, HP is my choice.

    good to know anyway that you've selected cannon and enjoy it. :)
  16. harmandeep

    harmandeep VirTuaLiZaTioN Freak

    and what if we print from a application, which doesn't prompts to display ODD/EVEN ??? :p

    --- Updated Post - Automerged ---

    i am currently looking for one of these .... with RCOMLB1

    Buy Samsung SCX-3201 Laser Multifunction Printer at Best Price in India - Also find Specifications, Photos, Features & Reviews | Buy Samsung ML-1866 Laser Jet Printer at Best Price in India - Also find Specifications, Photos, Features & Reviews

    Both come with same toner - 104 and requires a chip to be placed in the toner to get its refilling working infinite times.

    Chip costs 100-200 /-

    But i am looking for Information, on how to have 3 year Warranty on samsung printer (as displayed in flash banner) @ SAMSUNG's Digital World ... it displays a HASH with warranty ... i need info for the same ...

    as per local resellers, this is provided by registering product on samsung india website, but no such info. was found by myself and some old resources display that 2 year extended warranty is provided by paying cash @ purchase time .... So guys ,,,, Madaad :)
  17. ?dOuBtFiRe?

    ?dOuBtFiRe? Active Member

    Sorry for Hijacking this thread, but useful to you too.

    I have been using HP 1020 on networking and it rocks.

    Now I am in need to buy another Laserjet Printer for my home. How is HP 1020+.

    Any one can shed an idea on this one. BTW it uses the normal 12A toner which can print 2000 pgs. But kinda pricey too.
  18. harmandeep

    harmandeep VirTuaLiZaTioN Freak

    ^^^ networking ain't a requirement , and 1016,18,20 rocks ... 12A has capacity max. of 160gm toner... same applicable for HP 1020+.

    and Samsung SCX 3201 has three warranty (1+2) if we pay 499/- extra @ the time of pruchase, by registering online and we need to mail filled docs.

    so prolly, we will go for SCX-3201 as no other competitor offers 3 years Warranty and such features. (basic) @ 8200(price)+500(2yearAdditional)=8700/-

    Letsbuy customber care told that ifthe Scanner Screen/glass is damaged while in transit, we will have to manually route unit to Service Centre with a DOA petition ... and followed by subsequent Lochaaa's ...

    So we will buy Locally.

    Samsung SCX-3201, ml1666,ml1688 have MLT-104 toner which has capacity of 110-120GM toner powder (non-magnetic), and yield 1300-1700 depending upon on your usage.

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