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Discussion in 'Storage Solutions' started by rikhav, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. rikhav

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    Hi guys

    I need an external HDD for taking backup of my data. My PC is on 24X7 and the HDD will stay connected permanently to the PC. I plan to take backup of my data every 12 or 24 hours. My brother is into graphic designing and data is very critical

    Which external HDD would you suggest i go for? Portable or powered?

    If portable is fine keeping in mind the HDD will stay connected to the PC, I plan to buy the following HDD

    Adata HD710 2.5 inch 1 TB External Hard Disk - Adata: Flipkart.com

    I am choosing this drive as its more rugged. If there are is a better HDD please advise me

    Thanks in advance
  2. 6pack

    6pack Well-Known Member

    any portable 2.5 drive would do fine. these portable usb drives power down after a period of inactivity so they will save power a lot. no use of getting a powered drive since you only plan on taking backups around once a day.
    That rugged drive is overkill for always connected drive.
  3. rikhav

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    Just getting that drive for that accidental fall once in a blue moon
  4. rikhav

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  5. rikhav

    rikhav Member

    Purchased Adata HD710 1 TB from the Ebay link. Got the HDD within 2 days of making the payment. As of now working fine but getting only 18 to 20 MB data transfer speed. I guess its time to upgrade my PS

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