Where can I get Xbox 360 RROD problem fixed in Delhi?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Consoles' started by juventino, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. juventino

    juventino Member

    My Xbox 360 is out with RROD. I need to get it fixed. Can anyone recommend a place in Delhi?

    I know I can get it done in Palika but I don't really trust anyone there. Does anyone know a reliable shop there who can repair it quickly?

    Any idea how much they charge? One guy said 2500 bucks and 10 days which I believe is too long and a bit overpriced.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. prabs

    prabs Well-Known Member

    If it has not been modded and is in warranty send it for replacement (remember warranty on 360s was extended due to RROD so you may still be in warranty).

    If it is modded you are screwed :devil:
  3. fockerunleashed

    fockerunleashed Active Member

    ^^+1 if not modded else

    Go to palika bazaar

    Electronics Palace - Bunty - shop no.2, 9873283062


    Electronic Zone - shop no.34, 9810423625

    both are near gate no.1

    both of them are trustworthy have dealt with them frequently

    havnt been involved with the xbox360 so cant suggest a price, but first rule @palika always bargain so whatever price they quote do bargain
  4. OP

    juventino Member

    the rs. 2500 and 10 day quote is from bunty. he is trustworthy but 10 days is just too long. i think he sends it to someone else.

    how much do you suppose i can sell an xbox 360 premium 20 gb for? its rrod now but maybe i can get it repaired and then recover some money off it.
  5. Zero Cool

    Zero Cool Well-Known Member

    I know this guy in Dwarka , he is not a dealer or electrician but rather someone who works in Ashoka or Taj Hotel & has a love for all things Xbox .

    A year back , when my console popped out on me , he offered to fix it for Rs 1000 with Arctic Silver & the X-Clamp Fix. My problem was something else & i couldn't get my console fixed , but the man seemed genuine & helpful enough .

    If you are interested , I could PM you his Phone number. Afterwards you could take it forward on your own.
  6. nexthoward

    nexthoward Member

    Hey Zero cool
    can you please give me this dwarka guy number on my no 9619598702 or mail me at nexthoward@gmail.com

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