What is design?

Discussion in 'General Talk' started by Deathdart, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. Deathdart

    Deathdart New Member


    Not sure if this is the correct forum to post this to, but here goes.

    I'm trying to find out everyone's views on design for my own knowledge. :p This includes designers and non-designers. I intend to study the feedback I get from people, draw conclusions from it and publish it on my website. :)

    So, in a few lines, please write down what design means to you! :) Feel free to write whatever you think!


  2. axeman

    axeman Ye Olde Systems Breaker

    something that can lead the senses to the point/ item of interest, follows both form and function.

    - interpret at will :D PM if confused
  3. vrd

    vrd Active Member

    way of presenting information in a eye-pleasing and non confusing way.
  4. G@d of w@r

    G@d of w@r Well-Known Member

    A design is a mixture of Symmetry and an idea :D
  5. Prole73

    Prole73 Well-Known Member

    Patterns in order and symmetry...
    Recognising or creating one requires various levels of brain processing power depending on design itself... :)
  6. Deathdart

    Deathdart New Member

    Wow, those are some pretty diverse opinions :) Keep 'em coming! :D
  7. F-0ccY

    F-0ccY Well-Known Member

    Visual thought patterns.
  8. hatter

    hatter New Member

    I think you ask it from a graphic designer or artist's perspective.

    In this case I believe it to be a: A shape that is comprehensible to a human mind. it also means that one man's design could be another man's piece of sh*t

    Please note that "Comprehensible" is the key word here.
  9. shaunak

    shaunak Active Member

    * Pleasing interface to complicated machinery.

    * Something that adds a little color into our monotonous life.
  10. Deathdart

    Deathdart New Member

    @morgoth: I think what you're talking about is art and not design :)

    Anyway good replies, I hope there's more to come still! :D
  11. mihirX

    mihirX Active Member


    Hi Abhay, was happily going thru fluidcore.net, untill I saw sony walkman logo, and then your fluidcore logo, and again sony walkman logo, and I turned sad.
  12. Deathdart

    Deathdart New Member

    @mihirX: Yeah there is some similarity there, but I feel the fluidCORE symbol goes well with the name and serves it's purpose, don't you? ;)
  13. mihirX

    mihirX Active Member

    ya it definitely serves the purpose, but looks as if you have stolen from thr...
  14. Deathdart

    Deathdart New Member

    @mihirX: Dude, I've designed the other symbol as well. :p Even if the fC symbol was inspired by that one, (which it is not :| ) how is that stealing? It's my own work in both the places, and they both have different purposes...

    Have a look: When logos look alike | Logo Design Love
  15. mihirX

    mihirX Active Member

    sorry, this topic is going somewhere else.......what is design?
  16. linuxtechie

    linuxtechie Well-Known Member

    Good its something else. I would have started on with Software design...


  17. Deathdart

    Deathdart New Member

    @linuxtechie : lol you can post your views on Software design as well, I believe even that has the same base as graphic, industrial, fashion etc. design :)
  18. DanDroiD

    DanDroiD New Member

    Design is the beginning middle and end of a creative process.
  19. manuvikram007

    manuvikram007 Active Member

    Design is 100% creativity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. john117

    john117 Active Member

    design is something on which you put blame when your piece of code doesnt work as expected...

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