What are the pros and cons of a non-removable battery in a smartphone?

Discussion in 'Mobile Phone Buying Advice' started by suhailkhan, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. suhailkhan

    suhailkhan Active Member

    Hi all,
    Now a days most of the upper mid-range and high-end phones seem to be having a unibody design with a non-removable battery. What are the positive and negative aspects from an end user perspective of this design? How does it benefit me apart from being slimmer? In all the smartphones I've used, whenever the phone used to hang up or freeze completely (no keys responding including the power button), I just used to remove the battery and turn on the phone again. What are the options under this scenario for a phone with a non-removable battery?
  2. Jambumali

    Jambumali Well-Known Member

    Non-user replaceable battery : Biggest headache is that you are at the mercy of the phone company. You have no alternative but to get it replaced by them at their asking cost. And, you will not have access to the phone for the limited period when they send it for the battery replacement.
  3. vantheman5211

    vantheman5211 Creator of fu*ktron

    It depends on the company to be honest.I believe apple have shown to be pretty competent with battery hardware issues and their batteries normally last a long time.For eg,my iphone 3g which was purchased on the launch day gave a very competent battery life until 2 months when i decided to upgrade it for my mother.
    Also afaik internal batteries are available as one of my friends changed his iphone 3gs battery to a 3rd party vendor for a decent price.
  4. dexBG

    dexBG still fishing

    I think you just need to give it to the service center and they should replace it pretty quickly.. The batteries are just meant to be 'non-user removable' ..
  5. suhailkhan

    suhailkhan Active Member

    But what if the phone hangs or freezes (which does tend to happen sometimes on my samsung galaxy 3) and even the power button fails to respond? How do I do a restart? Or is it that these NEW high end phones are SO advanced such a situation wont arise :p. Is there any other way apart from waiting for the battery to drain out? (which really is a very lousy way :no2:).
  6. xtremevicky

    xtremevicky Well-Known Member

    I am using an S3. Even in the most drastic situations I never have to remove the battery to restart the phone.

    The biggest pro being that the phone size decreases.
  7. dexBG

    dexBG still fishing

    There is hardware key combo which will do a hard-reset ..
    Dont worry its been thought off already :p

    --Smaller phones
    --Unibody type construction, better design.
  8. suhailkhan

    suhailkhan Active Member

    Well .. this was my main concern while considering Xperia J or HTC One S as my next android. Yes the unibody design really makes the phone a looker. Thanks for the insights guys. Now I'm over to the next and bigger question. Which one to consider. Even though the One S we are getting has the poorer processor, after the price drop it seems a very viable option.
  9. dexBG

    dexBG still fishing

    Wait a couple of Months n pick up the Nexus 4 instead of the One S
  10. suhailkhan

    suhailkhan Active Member

    Yeah Dex thats what i am waiting for. I would not like to go for a without warranty one so here's hoping the price is kept reasonable. But the lack of external storage is a dampener. The 16 gb model will cost considerably more (considering that a ext memory card would have cost much less).

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