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Discussion in 'Computer Software' started by Aarvee, Nov 13, 2010.

  1. Aarvee

    Aarvee Active Member

    Hi guys,

    Is there any way to simulate unix commands on top of windows 7 64 bit ?
    Please let me know if somebody has an idea.
    I have a bit hands-on with the basic commands. But want to pick up shell scripting now.
    So, i am looking for an option to practice at home.

  2. kekerode

    kekerode Active Member

  3. Compiler

    Compiler Active Member

    I would suggest you install virtual box + xubuntu.

    But if your ram is too low < 1GB then go for cygwin.
  4. Aarvee

    Aarvee Active Member

    Hi Kekerode,
    Tried installing Cygwin. But that thing would'nt start downloading. So frustrating... :-(

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    I have a Win7 Ultimate OS and 2 GB of DDR3 ram. Where can i get the virtual box + xubuntu ?
  5. abhisinalkar

    abhisinalkar Active Member

    download VMware 7.0 and u need a iso of linux.

    So make iso of linux which u want to install and create a machine in VMware.

    Its easy. Just you should know linux installation :)
  6. dexBG

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  7. Gaurish

    Gaurish Well-Known Member

    Download VirtualBox:Downloads - VirtualBox

    Download Ubuntu: Download | Ubuntu
  8. dinjo

    dinjo Hell Yeah[Born Critic]

    Just Untick the options from Cygwin hence its taking too long to download there are many things included with Cygwin
  9. Aarvee

    Aarvee Active Member

    This online version is awesome. Fun to use it. Thanks alot. :)

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    Thanks for your reply. Will try to do that.

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    Will keep that in mind. :)

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