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Discussion in 'Storage Solutions' started by FaH33m, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. FaH33m

    FaH33m Analog Vibes

    The rate at which my HDD drives have been dying or developing faults in the recent past (3 in last 6-8 months),I have become a bit extra cautious with my drives now. :ashamed: Keep doing weekly scans and monitor the health of all my drives along with backup of important data .

    Today when scanning my 1TB 1001FALS Black drive .I noticed that the HD Tune showed a warning in one of the health status. The Ultra DMA CRC Error Rate is 2.

    Screenshot :


    Checking the Health of the drive using ,Speed Fan shows the same Ultra DMA CRC Error Rate as 2 as well but when I do an in-depth analysis of the drive. It shows that the fitness and performance of the drive as 100%.

    Here : S.M.A.R.T. hard disk status and hard disk failure prevention

    My main concern, is should I RMA the drive or not ? Ive already started taking backup to be on the safer side.

    EDIT :

    A bit more research via google reveals ,

    Let me see if the value returns to 0 , after replacing the cable. If not , maybe something's wrong with my P5Q PRO or PSU .The whole PC has been acting super weird off lately and is currently on a bench setup for testing .(Since 1 week :| )
  2. dOm1naTOr

    dOm1naTOr Well-Known Member

    My 250 GB seagate has been showing the same error for past 2 years, and no probs yet. i have tried replacing the cable, but the error rate is the same. I guess its not much of a concern. The one that should be concerned are bad sectors and reallocated sectors.
  3. jampack

    jampack Active Member

    Just tried HD Tune Pro a couple of days back and got exact same error with my 2500AAKS.
    Tried changing port as well as cables, but still same warning.

    Downloaded WD LifeGuard Diagnostics 1.17 software and I got an error again.


    Then tried the 1.21 version and the error was no more.

  4. 6pack

    6pack Well-Known Member

    in the same boat here. two of my hdd's have started showing bad sectors. one already had and the numbers just increased.

    S.M.A.R.T. hard disk status and hard disk failure prevention

    should i rma this one or wait till it conks off? already am taking backups to a new hdd.

    need to buy another hdd to take backups of the second hdd that shows reallocated sector counts. but those are just 2 now. seems summer heat is too much for hdd's to handle.
  5. saumilsingh

    saumilsingh Well-Known Member

    I am so paranoid nowadays that I don't even keep my PC on 24x7 like I used to. Now my computer gets 12 hours rest daily.
    Ofcourse I am not a mad downloader like many of the users on this forum and hence don't mind cutting down on the uptime.
  6. Gannu

    Gannu Unbanned

    ^LOL same here. Since I have a netbook that handles all the downloads 24x7, I don't switch on the main system unless I game or watch a movie. I'm scared to do a HD Tune bench on my hard drives going by these posts.

    I've been downloading and not watching a single movie since long. Looks like games have taken a greater toll on my schedule once I get back home after hectic office hours. D:
  7. asingh

    asingh Well-Known Member
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    Even I have one bad sector on my primary HDD, when I used the HD Tune analyzer. Hope it has been locked out by scandsk. Though am not sure now.
  8. Roxtin

    Roxtin 7H3 8055

    Same CRC error on my 500 WD Green :(
  9. asingh

    asingh Well-Known Member
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    FaH33m, did you run the HD Tune error check utility. Any thing in red..?
  10. FaH33m

    FaH33m Analog Vibes

    ^ Yes I did, nothing in red. Also I did a HD Tune benchmark .Both my 1TB Blacks are giving average transfer rate of 90.5 mbps and burst rate of 178 mbps. Access time 13.1 ms. On the other hand the 1TB green is slightly slower at 82 mbps and 15ms access time.

    While doing a actual file copy test of a 13GB HDrip files. I get 90-95 mbps constant from copying the file from 1HDD to the other. Across all 3 of the 1 TBs ... but when I copy files from partition to the other on the same disk , the speed drops to 35 mbps . Is this normal ?
  11. asingh

    asingh Well-Known Member
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    De - Fragmentation would help. Logical, because the drive head is doing a read-->write-->read-->n(write)-->n(read). While working with different two physical platters one head is constantly reading while the other is constantly writing -- with a send in between.

    Okay...guys. What next. Am sitting next the panic button now.

  12. 6pack

    6pack Well-Known Member

    overall fitness of my drive decreased from 57% (in my post above) to 32% in just a few days :(

    S.M.A.R.T. hard disk status and hard disk failure prevention

    I just did a full test in wd disk diagnosis software and it still says the hdd status is good. Maybe the hdd's need to conk off before we can rma it.

    Also I formatted the drive in windows and saw something funny. IT shows 4gb used and i can't see anything. Even no hidden files on the drive. Seems like some data loss in those reallocated sectors take space up.
  13. Roxtin

    Roxtin 7H3 8055

    One of my Seagate tells that SMART has tripped anyway I can get it repaired the disk by Seagate. I am talking about paid repair as RMA is not possible as it is an OEM disk ripped out from its casing?
  14. blr_p

    blr_p Well-Known Member

    I sense a lot of fear in this thread :(

    You should be doing this regardless of how healthy your drives are.

    What that means is when you copy a file to it/from it sometimes there was an error requiring a re-read.


    Only if bad sectors show up.

    no worries then :)

    As mentioned above always do this regardless.
    These would be the likely suspects. Tho in the interim to be certain you would need to use a tool that verified that the files copied to this drive are indeed correct. This will take a bit longer than your usual copy as it would need to do a byte check between the two files everytime it copied them.

    Otherwise you could copy a bunch of files and then do a check between them after.

    I'm still not sure how necessary the above is, maybe do some tests copying GB's of files first and then verify whether they copied over ok before doing it on a regular basis.
  15. FaH33m

    FaH33m Analog Vibes

    ^ I know regular backups are important but one can't really backup 3TBs of data unless they have extra 3TB space to back up.

    What I meant in the above post is along with the regular backup of important personal data , Ive also started backing up "Game setups,Music,Movies etc" which are their on that 1TB. ;)
  16. blr_p

    blr_p Well-Known Member

    That's your call. my view on this is -- a hardrive full of content is worth a hundred times the value of an empty drive of the same size. If you consider the effort & time taken to fill it and consequently the effort to reproduce it if lost. So spending 2x more to save 100x is a no-brainer. I use my older drives for this purpose.

    I saw this with one of my backup drives recently, a bad block in HDtune is like 40MB. I noticed accessing certain directories was quite sluggish. I did do a chkdsk with surface scan, but it did not seem to complete after a very long time. So aborted it and then re-formatted the partition and mirrored back to it and everything is good.

    What is the RMA policy for your drive, maybe there is a certain number of bad sectors that need to show up before they consider it or is it no questions asked ?

    Otherwise if the chkdsk (with surface scan) completed in your case then all is good.

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