Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Open Source and Linux' started by vishalrao, Nov 28, 2009.

  1. vishalrao

    vishalrao Global Moral Police

    With Karmic fresh and hot off the presses, its time to indulge in the next cycle that is Lucid Lynx 10.04...

    To start off: Ubuntu blogspot: Lucid Lynx - This Is The Plan

    I believe UDS Lucid has finished? I havent been following much of the events so far. Can't wait to get back in the game!
  2. blufox

    blufox Well-Known Member

    Well it is good to see that Ubuntu is progressing at good pace.

    But IMNSHO it is getting dumbed down too much. It is good for users but for developers/hackers/code artists, it is becoming painful.

    I hope Canonical fixes this in Lucid Lynx. Till then I am sticking to Archlinux.

    All the best to Ubuntu team.
  3. Uriel

    Uriel Member

    I love the new features in 9.10 - really great, but am getting irritated by the naming system. What will they do after Zesty Zebra.
  4. vishalrao

    vishalrao Global Moral Police

    Wooo, finally managed to install Kubuntu Lucid ( 10.04 LTS ) on this -> http://www.techenclave.com/show-off/the-winchester-killer-154619.html :eek:hyeah:

    Apparently current Karmic/Lucid has issues with SSDs (libatasmart or udev package bugs if not kernel bugs) and my dmesg is full of ATA errrors -> Ubuntu Pastebin

    There are a few bugs reported like https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/445852 so hopefully it gets fixed fast before it kills my SSD.

    I was hoping to post about the speed, but sadly the install which looked like it would complete in an amazing 3 min flat got stuck for 7 min near the end... but 3 min is sweet.

    Also put in place some of the tweaks like mentioned here: Four Tweaks for Using Linux with Solid State Drives | Tombuntu (mainly noatime and tmpfs)... will post some speed numbers once Lucid gets a little stable... its still at "alpha 1" stage after all.

    I installed mainly to check out KDE 4.4 Beta 2... awesome release... small smooth animations here and there in the UI... although the progress bar is still jerky and not smooth as claimed on some release page... got to post on KDE forum asking about it...
  5. vishalrao

    vishalrao Global Moral Police

  6. Gaurish

    Gaurish Well-Known Member

    What's current state of Ubuntu these days? Is it still full of silly bugs, it was the only reason I switched from Ubuntu. I have friends, who wants to try Linux - he is a complete newbie so needs an easy to use distro ;)
  7. vishalrao

    vishalrao Global Moral Police

    there are few folks facing problems with ubuntu. it (9.10 also) usually worked well for me, except when i got my SSD the problems started (all distros though - kernel bugs) :D

    plans for lucid are to be conservative/stable since its an LTS (learn from previous mistakes), so its looking good for april 2010...

    im currently running 10.04 alphas and with continuous kernel error logs, disk errors (hope i dont kill my precioussd) :eek:hyeah:

    edit: updated previous post with pic and vid...

    i guess for ease its ubuntu or mandriva, although i would suggest your friend try ubuntu 9.10 first (and hope they dont face problems like hardware/video/sound issues) because of the vast info/support out there. if that causes problems they can try mandriva "one" 2010 :)

    also, please show your friend screenshots of both GNOME and latest KDE 4.3/4.4 so they can pick. i would recommend KDE now that its quite sweet and stable...

    so finally, if GNOME then try ubuntu, if KDE then try mandriva...
  8. vishalrao

    vishalrao Global Moral Police

    OK! After awesome BURG (grub2 hack) boot eye-candy (posted above), now comes plymouth eye candy!

    Youtube HD video captured on my Cybershot:


    Problem is, bootup is so fast (10 sec) that the animation barely has time to work (has to be speeded up)...

    There were small bugs in the theme script itself as noted here Ubuntu Forums - View Single Post - Plymouth theming ? and I had a little bit of a struggle to figure out VESA for nvidia since Ubuntu still does not have nouveau KMS at the moment: Ubuntu Forums - View Single Post - Plymouth theming ?

    All in all, an enjoyable way to spend a Sunday for sure :eek:hyeah:
  9. Dark Star

    Dark Star Well-Known Member

    Awesome. Both Grub2 and Plymouth skin looks great.
  10. vishalrao

    vishalrao Global Moral Police

    heh, took me all of sunday to figure out how to get a 10 second boot theme working :D
  11. hellknight_mnd

    hellknight_mnd New Member

    Maybe they should introduce something like Delta RPMs which are available by default on Fedora 12. They reduce the size of the updates that are being downloaded drastically, sometimes even by 95%.. it would really be great because Ubuntu has a much wider user base than the RPM based distros....
  12. vishalrao

    vishalrao Global Moral Police

    "delta debs" has been discussed by the ubuntu devs for many many years. recently an indian ubuntu member (onkar shinde) posted in indian mailing list he has setup an experimental repository (32 bit only) for deltadeb support but the ubuntu-in.info site has limited space/resources.

    i doubt they will go for this for the "LTS" (long term supported) release 10.04 but i will also (as a regular user) make noise/requests for the next version 10.10 to start playing around with this support.

    i tried it briefly in Fedora 11 (when it was a bit experimental) and also in 12 (where yes, you are right, its installed by default, called the "Presto" plugin for "yum") and it appears to work quite well most of the time (at least it displays savings like 80-90 % download saved) so if its important to anyone then they should switch to Fedora clearly for that killer practical feature.

    i think other distros also have it, mainly openSUSE is leading the way with this kind of feature...
  13. hellknight_mnd

    hellknight_mnd New Member

    Another thing that would be really appreciated by a lot of users would be the inclusion of Mozilla Thunderbird in the default installation.. I know that Evolution is there, but Mozilla Thunderbird 3.0 is a lot more easier to use and configure than ultra-powerful Evolution...

    Also, you guys might have noticed that once Evolution is configured, then it keeps on running some background tasks such as Alarm, calendar alert.. Although they're quite good and handy, but still they eat resources....

    And how about including a Webkit based browser such as Epiphany or Midori in the default installation with Mozilla Firefox..
  14. vishalrao

    vishalrao Global Moral Police

    There is actually a survey somewhere asking Ubuntu users to vote for default apps, search around, I dont know where it is... (or was) :)
  15. Gaurish

    Gaurish Well-Known Member

    Avoid bureaucracy, Ubuntu will take their own sweet time. install it yourself:D
  16. vishalrao

    vishalrao Global Moral Police

  17. madnav

    madnav Well-Known Member

    Downloaded 10.4 kubuntu alpha2 with KDE 4.4 rc i guess.

    the distro boots with splash for ubuntu...the same that i see with ubuntu 9.10 ..even the name is 'ubuntu' rather than kubuntu.

    at login screen.. it says 'welcome to ubuntu' and it asks for username and password for a live distro!!..

    after a series of trial and error.. the info that worked was

    username: ubuntu (again)

    pass: (left blank)

    overall very buggy is what my initial impression is... the widgets would show corruption in image at the bottom of every widget.

    no filesystem on other drives would mount.

    that apart, KDE 4.4 rc did feel a little better in terms of eye candy. i did not get to spend much time on it, will bot it up again tomorrow and will see if it is worth installing it.
  18. archish

    archish Well-Known Member

    @madnav Did you read the Release notes for Alpha 2 :p

  19. vishalrao

    vishalrao Global Moral Police

    BTW, if you downloaded original alpha2 yes IT IS ALPHA and an early one at that :D

    Since then the updates have made it quite stable even though its still "ALPHA"...

    I have high hopes for Alpha3 where they will also test nouveau and NVIDIA proprietary support to make it smooth :)

    All in all, its looking really good this time, especially yes, with KDE 4.4 also.

    @madnav: i hope you have read the other threads in this section (grub2/plymouth eyecandy etc) - lots of cool stuff in development
  20. madnav

    madnav Well-Known Member

    nope i did not read.

    kinda took it for granted that login would be automatic for a live distro and a splash screen would be of the respective distro as it is the 1st thing anyone notices about any distro :p

    anyways, kde over ubuntu (kubuntu) has always been a not so good experience for me..

    infact that is why i have hated kde alot...then i realized kde isnt that bad once i tried it with mandriva live.

    but that just totally off topic :)

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