Transfer files between 2 laptops on same wifi network (windows 7)

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  1. raksrules

    raksrules Well-Known Member

    I have 2 laptops and both are on windows 7 OS. Both are connected to the same wifi network (router). How can i just copy paste files from one laptop to another over wifi ?
    What kind of setups i need to do ?
  2. harpreet89

    harpreet89 Active Member

    There are many different ways with which files can be shared over network.
    One of the simplest is via "Shared Folders". Either create a separate shared folder or enable sharing on the existing one.

    Steps are simple :

    1. Assign different IP address to both the laptops having same Net-id. (eg. assign to 1 laptop and to other.Make sure Net-id is of the series of ur Wifi-router(
    2. Assign a password to your Windows Account(if not assigned, it will not work without it).
    3. Enable folder sharing. It can be done by going to Properties-->Sharing-->Advance Sharing-->(Tick) Share this folder. This will enable network sharing of that particular folder.
    4. Now open RUN and type the ip address of destination computer in this form (eg : "//") (2 foreward-slash then ip)
    5. Enter login credentials and you will see a window listing all the shared folders on destination computer. You can either cut/copy any files listed in those folders or if it's a media content, then you can directly stream it over network.

    Other method is via Remote Desktop feature.

    1. For this you need to enable the Remote Desktop Feature in Windows. It can be done by opening "Advanced System Settings"-->"Remote"
    2. Here enable Allow Remote Assistance as well as "Allow Connection from computers running any version of Remote Desktop"
    3. Now open Remote Desktop Connection from RUN-->MSTSC.exe
    4. Click on "Options" and click "Experience" Tab. Over here, change your connection speed to LAN(10 Mbps or higher).
    5.Now switch back to "General" Tab and directly enter IP-Address of destination computer, eg : . Hit Enter.
    6. Enter Login credentials. Now you have complete access to other computer. Transfer any file via Cut/Copy or directly stream any audio/video over network.

    Hope that helps. !! :)

    P.S. forgot to add, you can also check your router's page where the list of connected devices is shown and get their IP address from there rather than manually assigning.
  3. flash23

    flash23 Active Member

    #raksrules You can also try out using the homegroup feature of windows.
    It is very simple and can beset up in minutes.
  4. kuduku

    kuduku Well-Known Member

    @raksrules easiest , without setting anything use teamviewer on both laptops
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  5. harpreet89

    harpreet89 Active Member

    flash23, the first method which i explained comes under Homegroup feature. You cant access folders if they aren't shared. So, i went into a bit detail on how to enable sharing so that other members can be benefited to.

    And teamviewer is another option but i found it a bit laggy(as compared to Remote Desktop) and was not able to Stream audio over network. That's why, i dropped out this method.
    But if you need a hassle free setup only for file transferring, go for Teamviewer or VNC viewer.
  6. prabs

    prabs Well-Known Member

    I simply use IP Messenger to transfer files between my laptop and PC at home.

    Link -
    IP Messenger

    Simply install it on both the devices.
    After launching it you will see both the devices in the list.
    Simply drag and drop the files you want to transfer in the window.
    On the other machine just accept the files.

    Sit back and relax. It doesn't get any simpler than this.
  7. OP

    raksrules Well-Known Member


    Trying IPMessenger now, seems to working really well as it is very easy too. Speeds i am getting are 1 MBps (capital B).
    Is their any way to increase this transfer speed ?
  8. prabs

    prabs Well-Known Member

    @raksrules - I don't think IPMessenger restricts file transfer at 1 mbps.

    If you have a crossover cable you can directly try connecting the 2 laptops and use IPMessenger. The speed will improve by a lot but you will have to bother with changing IP settings.

    A simpler way to obtain the same speed would be getting 2 ethernet cables and connecting the laptops 2 the router directly. Do remember to disable the wireless networks on both laptops at that time. Also keep the TCP/IP settings V4/V6 at obtain automatically.
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  9. OP

    raksrules Well-Known Member

    Finally relented and used my external HDD to do the transfer. The over the air wifi speeds reached max of 1 MBPS (Mega Bytes) and since the amount of data i had to copy was lot (100 GB around) i used the external HDD.

    Thanks for all the help folks. I got to learn something new about homegroup feature. I had never used this before.

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