Temperature of GTX 660 reaching 80 degrees

Discussion in 'Graphic Cards' started by gaurav3282, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. gaurav3282

    gaurav3282 Active Member

    Hello people.... I recently bought MSI GTX 660 OC edition(Single Fan) and it works pretty well but the issue is when I start playing Bioshock infinite the temperature rises upto 80 degrees... even after running furmark it reaches 80 deg... my system config is as follows :
    i5 2400
    4Gb gskill ripjaws
    MSI p67-gd 65 (b3)
    GX 450 CM PSU...
    NZXT Gamma Cabby
    Well regarding exhaust its good enough and everything is just neat and clean from inside... Its just regarding temperatures do I need to worry about?This card is not the twin frozer edition.. This can be the reason for the extra heatup?Coz single fan card and twin fan can make a difference... Do I need to add an after market cooler?Also other games run fine and battlefield 3 was played @ 69 Deg MAX temperature... NFS most wanted also @ the same temperature.... Idle temperatures of the card vary from 32-38 degrees...
  2. demonic

    demonic Active Member

    80 degrees should be fine for a graphics card at full load!!
    so stop worrying and keep playing...
  3. gaurav3282

    gaurav3282 Active Member

    Really? because my earlier cards never went up so high lol didnt even touch 70.... Is it fine to play games for hours with GPU running @ 80 degrees?It wont cause any damage to it?
  4. demonic

    demonic Active Member

    it's fine...
    you can check your cabinet's airflow, see if it improves the temperature!
    but up to 80 is ok, you needn't worry
  5. gaurav3282

    gaurav3282 Active Member

    okz buddy thanks :)
  6. joel.monty

    joel.monty Active Member

    Try playing with your Side panel off,if there isnt that much of a difference in temperature then your case has good air flow,if the difference is large get more fans,but dust is a big issue.
  7. gaurav3282

    gaurav3282 Active Member

    Already mentioned bro airflow is good enough... its just the game is crazy enough to push the gpu to its limits.... anyways as mentioned by the fellow mates its OK to play @ that temperature so its fine with me... would definately put an intake fan in front of my cabby in future....
  8. d6bmg

    d6bmg BMG FTW!!

    What is the fan setup in your NZXT Gamma.
  9. kartikoli

    kartikoli Well-Known Member

    dont worry and keep playing its normal

    EDIT: please edit your Avatar .... doesnt look good on a tech forum where people mostly login from there work places
  10. i_rock098

    i_rock098 Active Member

    Nothing to worry about until start reaching the 90tees

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