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    Spotify, one of the world’s most popular music streaming services, is now available in India. Spotify, the music streaming app is now available for download in India for both iOS and Android users. The India subscription for Spotify starts at Rs 13 per day.....but you can listen for free too.

    A Spotify India website is also live as of Wednesday morning.

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    High time

    I trust we will have the same level access to western music as they have. None of this region blocking business i see so often on youtube.
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    Using Spotify since almost 2yrs. I think signing up via US proxy gives you a US regional account and you get to enjoy all top US etc lists and charts.
    Now in India it might be another gaana type platform. And for global music lovers they have to wait or dig deep.
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    Lot of artists are not on Spotify as of now because of the clash with Warner.
    I am on Amazon prime so Amazon Music is free and has everything.

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