Soundmagic PL50 or Brainwavz M2?

Discussion in 'Audio Zone' started by GreenJay, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. GreenJay

    GreenJay Active Member

    Budget INR 2.5k. Looking for balance sound output without requiring much amp. Listening to smooth jazz, hip hop, indie pop and country. Need recommendation guyz, please help?
  2. desiibond

    desiibond Well-Known Member

    How about NUForce NE6. Among the two you mentioned, I would go with M2.
  3. GreenJay

    GreenJay Active Member

    Thanks.. heard Nuforce 6 is slightly bass-heavy. Tempted to buy PL50 from Lynx due to its offer.. but want to know how it fares against M2. Any IEM sspecialist out here?
  4. esanthosh

    esanthosh Well-Known Member

    I did not find NE-6/NE-7m (both are the same, I heard the NE-7m) to be bass "heavy" just that it's bass lingers on a bit producing a thicker mass. It won't reveal subtle details in bass. But I find the quantity to be hardly worth the "heavy" tag. It has very good sound stage (relatively speaking among the three) and a signature that is non-fatiguing. Technically speaking, it does not reveal too much detail, but I did like it when I had it on loan.

    PL50 does not have bass, good mids, good treble, good sound stage and imaging... but, I generally find Soundmagic's signature of PL30 & PL50 to be good, but not special. I can see many loving it, but I don't think I can live with it, perhaps because I've heard a few better IEMs.

    M2 has forward mids, good bass, decent treble, not so great sound stage, but has that non-fatiguing as well as engaging signature.

    Purely my opinion (and I did not compare them side by side, as PL50 and NE-6 were loaners and my M2 is a constant loaner from my side)

    >= is Minor Difference
    > is Major Difference

    Overall ranking : M2 > PL50 > NE-6
    Sound Stage : NE-6 > PL-50 > M2
    Bass Quantity: M2 > NE-6 > PL50
    Bass Quality : M2 > PL50 > NE-6
    Mids : M2 >= PL50 >= NE-6
    Treble: PL50 > M2 >= NE-6
    Engagement: M2 > NE-6 > PL50
    Details: PL-50 > M2 > NE-6
    Comfort : PL-50 >= NE-6 = M2
    Build Quality: M2 > PL50 = NE-6

    You can live with any of them. Just decide! Now, if I am wrong in any of my above stated opinions, others will fix it for you.
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  5. GreenJay

    GreenJay Active Member

    Thanks @esantosh. I'll go for Pl50 first as I want neutral sounding phone and upgrade to M2 later.. what say?
  6. FaH33m

    FaH33m Analog Vibes

    PL-50 - smooth ,liquid mids . Decent bass and a slightly sharp and detailed treble. Medium sound-stage .

    M1 - neutral sound .Light-medium punchy bass .balanced mids and treble. Not too coloured nor too analytical. good soundstage.

    M2 - powerful bass , slightly forward and aggressive mids , decent treble with a little roll off. medium soundstage.

    M3 - similar sound to M1 with more detailing .Very nice punchy bass .very neutral mids and a good treble . soundstage better than M2 .
  7. pr0ing

    pr0ing Well-Known Member

    that will not be an upgrade. You can however have the option of switching between the two based on what you want to hear.

    personally I'd prefer the pl50(currently own these) over M2(tried at a TE meet).

    @Fah33m, esanthosh

    what are your opinions on meelectronics M11, it's in a similar price range.
  8. esanthosh

    esanthosh Well-Known Member

    I've not heard M11, so cannot comment. All I know is Joker rated M11 @ 4.5, M11+ - 6.0, PL50 - 6.9, so that might give you an idea of how it might sound on balance when compared against PL50.


    Both these are a step less than better IEMs like RE0 etc., and just a very minor step down compared to IEMs like Fischer Silver Bullet, M3 etc., The difference between M2 and M3 is not huge, but meaningful. But, for my personal preference RE0/ZERO are clearly a step over the IEMs listed.

    As pr0ing mentioned, both are different enough to own. PL50 is balanced on the neutral side with less bass, M2 is bassy, warm and on the "fun" side. I really don't think of M2 as an "upgrade", more like a differently flavored side grade.
  9. GreenJay

    GreenJay Active Member

    Looks like got to save up for M3 @Faheem, hate to see the slight roll off of treble on M2. Was not ok with the Philips SHE9800.. but i have tried MEElec M9, M6, A151 and Sp51, but I want something slightly warm, punchy bass but not overwhelming, clear and forward mids ( not hollow mids), well extended highs n sweet. Requirement is high but budget is low. Am not buying any of those MEElec despite I like the SP51 ( slightly out of my budget)
  10. esanthosh

    esanthosh Well-Known Member

    If you like SP51 and can be a little adventurous, you can take a chance with a new dealer and get SP51 - You can later tell us about your experience ;)

    Or you can save up for M3. M3 has better sound stage, slightly less forward but sweeter mids, better highs and less bass quantity when compared to M2. In this case, I am at least sure about PristineNote's support.
  11. RS4

    RS4 Well-Known Member

    @esantosh:Which one is better for movies, brainwavz M2 or M3?
  12. esanthosh

    esanthosh Well-Known Member

    I won't be able to answer that. I hardly use IEMs for movies. Besides I own only M2. M3 was just a very long term loaner from BF1983 :p
  13. rdst_1

    rdst_1 Well-Known Member

    Having owned both PL-50 and M2, i can say that the only when listening to hip-hop will the PL-50 sound not upto the mark as bass is not a strong point in it's sound signature.For the other genres of music that you listen to, the PL-50 will sound much better than M2 as they sound more airy and open as compared to the boomy, congested sound of the M2.
  14. RS4

    RS4 Well-Known Member

    ok,now where are you faheem? :p M2 or M3 for movies?
  15. FaH33m

    FaH33m Analog Vibes

    ^ Let me answer that after trying both with a few movies :p .
  16. RS4

    RS4 Well-Known Member

    ^^lol, report back after trying them,i think they are getting lost in your cupboard full of iem's :p
  17. esanthosh

    esanthosh Well-Known Member

    ^^ Correction. Room full of IEMs :O
  18. GreenJay

    GreenJay Active Member

    M3 looks kinda awkward... how is the fitting and comfy after long hours usage.. BTW, am going to use this in office n am planning to pair it with NuForce µDAC or FiiO E7.. at work PC. Which one would be a better option?
  19. esanthosh

    esanthosh Well-Known Member

    While I won't say it's the most comfortable IEM I have used - Soundmagic PL50, ECCI PR401 (small size), GR07 and CK10 are very comfortable - M3's extended arm is not as much trouble as it looks.

    I have no idea about the FiiO E7, but it's a good DAC and not so powerful headphone amp based on what I've read. I am not a big fan of NuForce uDAC-1. uDAC-2 is certainly better, though not the best I've heard. HRT MS2 is even better, but it's both costly and very limited in functionality - a pure USB -> RCA DAC.

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