Sony Xperia Z Coming to India on March 6

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    Unveiled earlier this year at Consumer Electronics Show, in Las Vegas, Sony Xperia Z has just made its debut in Europe this week.

    Although Indian customers have been left out from the initial rollout of the smartphone, it looks like they won't have to wait too long for the Xperia Z to arrive in their country.

    As AndroidOS points out, Sony India has just teased the upcoming launch of the Xperia Z on its Facebook official page.

    Even though the Japanese company did not reveal the name of the device it will release on March 6, it's clear from the background image that appears in the teaser that Sony will announce the Xperia Z.

    Unfortunately, for the time being, we are unable to confirm whether the Xperia Z will go on sale next week or Android enthusiasts in India will have to wait a bit longer until the smartphone hits shelves.

    Word is Sony Xperia Z will be available for purchase in India for around Rs 45,000 ($820/€630), though the amount has yet to be confirmed by the handset maker.

    It is also worth mentioning the Xperia Z, announced two months ago, will go on sale in black, white and purple color options, so it's safe to assume Indian customers will be able to choose from at least two of the color schemes.

    The Xperia Z is Sony's Android flagship smartphone, but keep in mind that it will ship with Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean operating system out of the box rather than a newer version.

    The good news is Sony confirmed an Android 4.2 upgrade will be available for download soon after launch, so we're still waiting for the company to make a more exact guess on availability.

    Hardware-wise, the Xperia Z is pretty powerful and comes equipped with a 1.5 GHz quad-core processor inside, which is complemented by 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage.

  2. hahahari

    hahahari Active Member

    45000?!!!!!!!!!! What has the world come to?

    Forget how much iCrap costs would ya. Its on the way out.
  3. saifbukhari

    saifbukhari Active Member

    I have been longing for this but 45K will make me long for 2 more months at least ;)
  4. Aman27deep

    Aman27deep Well-Known Member

    Won't be 45k, chill people. Someone high up at Sony has told me 37k, but due to the new import tax increment it might touch 40k, but it's not gonna be 45k.
  5. saifbukhari

    saifbukhari Active Member

    That's a breather aman bhaiyaa @Aman27deep , however as far as I recollect every new budget comes into affect( /effect ;) lol ) on 1st april, hence anything in march shouldn't hit us right people ?
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  6. Aman27deep

    Aman27deep Well-Known Member

    It will hit us.
  7. saifbukhari

    saifbukhari Active Member

  8. raksrules

    raksrules Well-Known Member

    It's funny to see people ready to shell out 40k + on other brand phones (like z10 and such new ones coming out) and not complain and when apple prices it at such price points, everyone thinks it is waste of money and all.
    All this when even buying a 40k handset won't guarantee a better customer service while in apple's side buy a 45k iPhone 5 or 10k iPod 4th gen, you still get the same top notch service.
    Just my opinion.
  9. Checksum

    Checksum Well-Known Member

    Spot on! Its funny how a lot of people get really emotional over Apple's pricing policy, but are ready to pay the same for any other brand. As far as I am concerned, the extra premium that you pay is worth the very good customer service that they provide. Case in point: My brother-in-law dropped his iPhone 4s which had only 28 days of warranty remaining. There was a visible physical bump on the phone and the phone wasn't booting at all. When he took it to Apple care, they still replaced it with a brand new phone without any charge! Now this may not happen for every case, but at least they are ready to do something to help the customer. And apple care guys are definitely far more polite with customers!

    Hopefully the pricing of the Z will settle down in a couple of months. I will wait till it drops to 35k before taking the plunge :)
  10. edge111hussain

    edge111hussain Well-Known Member

    I completely agree with the service part. Sony doesnt even have their own service centers and my xpria S has been to the service centre 4 times in its 10 months.Worst is it takes a minimum of 10 days to come back.
  11. Spacescreamer

    Spacescreamer Well-Known Member
    Section Mod

    With apple there are a lots of other prickly perks which come along.
    apple never admits its mistakes. more or less believes in fooling its customers and once the warranty is over, you pay like crazy. Apart from that, the brainless upgrades/forced upgrades only adds to the woes.

    More like paying through your nose to get insulted.

    With Sony, the price will eventually come down.. and the way they have been helping the dev community.. that is something refreshing.
  12. Aman27deep

    Aman27deep Well-Known Member

  13. manu1991

    manu1991 Barely Alive

    36k is an awesome price for ZL.
  14. raksrules

    raksrules Well-Known Member

    Sony has just opened up and all because they know they cannot always try enforcing proprietary stuff. Like the MS SD Pro duo and all such card which no other manufacturer uses but sony always enforced us to use them.
    But eventually they had to relent and go for a sort of standard microSD. I only mentioned apple here because most flagship phones are now coming upward of 35K price point and most people get blinded by the supposedly awesome features they carry and then say that price is justified since the phone has 1080p screen or some weird type of flash or some fancy software feature. But will paying 35K on a device guarantee me that i will get top notch service incase something goes bad ? We are not even talking about out of warranty products. In warranty too they make you run pillar to post to get your handset repaired. At least in India.
    Upgrades forced ? How come ? I am still on iOS 5.1.1 and am never sort of forced to update, it does give me an indicator saying update is available but if i don't want to update i won't.
    Yes some apps have definitely started becoming iOS 6 only which affects someone like me who does not wish to update the OS. But that's ok at least as of now.
  15. Spacescreamer

    Spacescreamer Well-Known Member
    Section Mod

    Yes the service is excellent.. but for any company that should be the norm. Sad thing is that companies show lack of interest in after sales dept.

    For some people the money is never an issue, but the hypocrite attitude really does rankles them.
    To show faith in products of a company which really is hell bent on thinking nothing else but profit and keeps releasing atrocious statements and strategies.. that does riles a lot.
    Even if i have to run 10 times for service with any manufacturer other than apple (God forbids).. i ll gladly do so. The very idea to pay premium price and then be told what to do and what not to .. that is not acceptable. More so via stupid comments. You want to protect your interest by fooling your customers.. Thank you very much.
    Very fact that apple has reneged its stand including statements/ppi/size of screen/no cheap products does tells that the attitude wasnt something which went down well.

    Its a long debate but to put it simply.. money is not the issue really.

    I was more or less referring to the exorbitant h/w cost.. like that new adapter and what not. Even the reg accessories are like from the garden of eden.
  16. randomuser111

    randomuser111 Active Member

    Sony Xperia Z Officially launched.

    MRP 38990 Rs.

    Xperia ZL MRP Rs.35990

    Xperia Z

    * 8GB 3G data free from Vodafone
    * 6 months Music Unlimited FREE with more than 12 lakh Songs
    * Sony Entertainment apps

    - - - Updated - - -

    Xperia Z launched at MRP Rs. 38990.

    3 Colors - Black, White, Purple

    Pre order offer on Flipkart/Infibeam- 16GB micro SD card + premium case + Sony MDR ZX100 headphones.

    Xperia ZL Launched at MRP Rs.35990.


    Exclusive Pre order offer on Flipkart/Infibeam - Snap on cover + Sandisk 16GB memory card

    Colors - Black, White and Red.

    Xperia Tablet Z will be launching in India in May

    Xperia E/E dual was also launched today. Sony MDR ZX100 headphone will be bundled with it Priced at 10k MRP


    Exclusive Offers on Xperia Z/ZL/Tablet Z

    * 8 GB 3G data free from Vodafone
    * FREE 6 months Sony Music Unlimited and Sony LIV Video streaming for 6 months
    * Standby units will be provided if/when your Xperia Z needs to be given at the service center.

  17. krugur

    krugur Gaming Freak

    Its priced well at 38k (around the starting price of S3) and a good set of features. But a major question is the battery life, which a few of the early adopters have shown displeasure about. There are also a few other issues people are mentioning online, so would not be completely insane to wait and watch, before diving in.

    P.S. Gotta love the Sony tagline. I always read it "make believe".
  18. Lord Nemesis

    Lord Nemesis Overlord of the Universe

    There is no doubt that every smart phone is being over priced, but in terms of features and functionality offered, restrictive products like iPhone lose out in terms of value for money. For instance I don't think an iPhone is worth more than 1/3 to 1/2 the price of a high end Samsung smartphone. For instance if I am paying 40k for Galaxy S3 for the functionality it offers, i would not pay more than 15k~20k for an iPhone because that is the max I think it is worth compared to a S3 for the given price point. If I see an iPhone and S3 both for 40k, I would think that S3 is over priced by 30~40%, but Phone is over priced by 100~200%.

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