Sony Xperia Z and Xperia ZL Now Official, Will Arrive Globally in Q1

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  1. The Knight

    The Knight Knight is coming

    Sony Mobile made official the long-
    expected Xperia Z smartphone at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. This is the first handset in the company’s offering to arrive on shelves with a 5” Full HD 1080p Reality Display, while also packing a Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processor inside. Previously spotted online under the codename of Yuga, the phone features all the hardware specs that it has been previously rumored to include. It will land on shelves with a 13-megapixel photo snapper on the back, as well as with support for 4G LTE networks, and should become available for purchase in various markets
    around the world before the end of this quarter. Sony's new flagship smartphone sports 2GB of RAM inside, a 1080p screen powered by Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2, world's first image sensor with HDR (High Dynamic Range) video for smartphones, along with a Battery STAMINA Mode to extend the battery standby time. The handset also features NFC connectivity inside, a unique OmniBalance design, is only 7.9mm thick, and sports tempered glass and anti- shatter film on the front and back, while also being both dust and water resistant (IP55 and IP57). “With Xperia Z, we are bringing over half a century of innovation in TV, imaging, music, film and gaming to create a superphone experience that truly stands out,” said Kuni Suzuki, President and CEO, at Sony Mobile Communications. “With great specifications, Sony’s media applications, One-
    touch functions and outstanding battery life, Xperia Z is well positioned for leadership in the smartphone market. By putting smartphones at the heart of our strategy, Sony is enabling people to create, enjoy and share content and experiences like never before.” The
    smartphone was also loaded with a variety of applications from the company, such as the “WALKMAN”, Album and Movies apps, meant to provide users with great entertainment capabilities on the go. It will also sport Small Apps, which are applications designed to run on top of other software . The handset runs under Google’s Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system , but it will be upgraded to Android 4.2 soon after launch. Sony also announced that a design variant of Xperia Z will arrive on shelves in the first quarter of the year as Xperia ZL
    (Canada will receive it), delivering the same entertainment experience “but in a smaller form factor.” Xperia ZL is not waterproof either. Sony Xperia Z is set to become available for purchase in black, purple, and white color flavors, while the Xperia ZL will be released in black, white, and red.

  2. sumatrix

    sumatrix Well-Known Member

    this might run considering 5 inch is a sweet spot.
  3. hareshr29

    hareshr29 Active Member

    it comes too much loaded and the pricing may make it unaffordable
  4. ALPHA17

    ALPHA17 Big man with a mouth

    Did not get what you meant by too much loaded and it is a flagship phone, if it did not have the feature set that it is flaunting SONY would have been in hot-water for charging a premium and not delivering.
  5. hareshr29

    hareshr29 Active Member

    I am trying to say right pricing and right set of features makes a product sales good...
  6. YKW

    YKW Active Member

    Going by the specification, I am still not sure if that 2330mAh would suffice to hold it for more than a day on a single charge.
    You never know how it will perform in real world but a 2500mAh battery would have been ideal IMO.
    Nonetheless seems a true flagship from Sony at last :)
  7. paraman

    paraman Active Member

    I would be highly surprised if it costs anything less than 40k in India considering that even the Ion sells for almost 30k.
  8. hahahari

    hahahari Active Member

    sell it for 30-35 k and u have a buyer
  9. muzux2

    muzux2 Well-Known Member

    Non removable battery :|
  10. randomuser111

    randomuser111 Active Member

    Xperia Z launching in March in India, street price would be 36k. Retailer price is 34500.

    Xperia ZL will launch in April, at about 34k street price. Retailer price around 32k
  11. hareshr29

    hareshr29 Active Member

    really..i doubt it might be 40 + for its specs this is killer android and most expected
  12. randomuser111

    randomuser111 Active Member


    Whatever I posted is official info and FINAL fixed price for India :)
  13. manu1991

    manu1991 Barely Alive

    and your source?
  14. randomuser111

    randomuser111 Active Member

    Top Sony Mobile Exec :)
  15. cyberwarfare

    cyberwarfare Well-Known Member

    im certainly getting the xperia z.
    unless tegra 4 is incredibly more powerfull
  16. randomuser111

    randomuser111 Active Member


    Tegra 4 phones will be coming out only in October or later to India, whereas Z is available by March. :)
  17. cyberwarfare

    cyberwarfare Well-Known Member

    ^i heard Tegra 4 has quite a few design wins and that we should be able too see them by mid june. Either way benchmarks would be out in feb end with MWC coming up. i really really like the design of the sony xperia z and coincidentally my birthday is in march also :p . what draws me most though is that sony has improved on their open source-ness and hence i will expect quite a few roms from the dev community :)
  18. randomuser111

    randomuser111 Active Member

  19. comp@ddict

    comp@ddict Well-Known Member

    A Tegra 4 phone by Sony?

    Well, that would be really nice. A quad core Cortex A15 huh. But the GPU won't be that great sadly.
  20. cyberwarfare

    cyberwarfare Well-Known Member

    ^yes, but those are still more powerfull than the Krait 8064 which is to be found in the sony xperia z

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