Sony applies for RFID DRM patent that would block used games

Discussion in 'Latest Technology News' started by Gannu, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. Gannu

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    Patent -

    Source - Sony applies for RFID DRM patent that would block used games - TechSpot

    This would be a terrible move if something of this sort is implemented in the upcoming eighth-gen consoles! :(
  2. rajkumar_pb

    rajkumar_pb Active Member

    ^^ Yes, most people use forums like IVG to buy used games, because of premium prices for PS3 games. If something like this happens, it would affect their sale and they knew it. So hope they will not do something stupid like that.
  3. Jambumali

    Jambumali Well-Known Member

    One should never underestimate the stupidity quotient;)
  4. baccilus

    baccilus Well-Known Member

    They better drastically reduce the prices of the next generation console games if they want to go ahead with this. Or they will be finished.
  5. vantheman5211

    vantheman5211 Creator of fu*ktron

    Would be a awful move especially for value forging souls like us.How can you justify paying 4 k for a game which has a playability of 12 hours?
  6. OP

    Gannu Unbanned

    For all we care, this patent may not be awarded at all. :p

    There is a huge market for the used titles. Although services like Gamestop and Play N Trade aren’t popular in India as much as it is in the US, we still rely on ebay and online forums for the trades of used copies. Developers and publishers do not earn a penny by the sale of used titles after the first consumer passes it on to the next and lose as much as 40 to 60 USD for each title. But if this happens, they should be prepared to sell the titles for cheap (think GTA IV and The Orange Box) else face losses down the line. I just hope it doesn’t.
  7. RD274

    RD274 I.can.edit.this?omg

    Just one more reason to force people to shift to CFW. Well done Sony.
  8. asingh

    asingh Well-Known Member
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    One print one machine ideology. Like an OS install. Weird.
  9. alekhkhanna

    alekhkhanna Well-Known Member

    IMO this is entirely possible given Nintendo has started region locking their controllers ! :lol:

    Lol, true.

  10. harry_houdini

    harry_houdini Active Member

    I know many guys who would prefer not to play the game then spend tons for it. Also Sony can choose to do what they want, our response should be lets move to XBOX :bleh:.
  11. baccilus

    baccilus Well-Known Member

    Steam Box FTW

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