PC Peripherals Should I upgarde my RAM or not? Please help!!

Discussion in 'Computer Hardware' started by allrounder799, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. allrounder799

    allrounder799 Active Member

    Currently I am having G.Skill 4 GB(2GB X 2) 1333 Mhz CL9 ram in my rig(my signature)

    I had planned to upgrade to 8 GB in future(in 5 or so months), now I have this great offer of G.Skill 1333 Mhz 8 GB(4GBX2) CL7 ram for 3600 rupees

    Now my question is will the CL7 timing improve performance over CL9 8 GB, and should I go for it?

    I have this deal for limited time, so please reply :):)
  2. Nishu

    Nishu Active Member

    I dont think you might see any notable difference in your performance.

    If you can go for Gskill RIPJAWS X 4x2GB 1600 MHZ then there might be a difference as 1600 mhz might be favourable for SB.

    Else dont upgrade to the limited time offer.
  3. mrcool63

    mrcool63 Active Member

    CL7 will show little real world improvement over CL9 except for severe video encoding and benchmarking.. however the 8gb will be a big improvement over 4gb.. get it:)

    BTW can you share the deal with me also:D
  4. Vasishta.Sushant

    Vasishta.Sushant Well-Known Member


    I won't agree. I had this 4GB RAM in my system and I was bitten by the upgrade bug as well. Updated to total 12GB and I see 0% of change :p

    Mind you, I always had this CL7 and upgraded to CL7 so 4GB CL7 to 12GB CL7.

    I'd say, no point. Better save for a better GFX card.
  5. OP

    allrounder799 Active Member

    @Nishu: Yep moving over to 1600 Mhz would improve performance but unfortunately H67 chipset supports only 1333 Mhz

    @mrcool63: I know 8 GB somewhat improve performance over 4 GB but as I am getting CL7 for price of CL9 I am thinking of getting it

    BTW regarding the deal, its on eBay Global Buy, search for"gskill 1333 cl7", in search results there is one listing of ~3600 rupees(it was listed as Black Friday deal)

    Heres the link

    @Vasistha: In normal usage it doesn't show substantial performance increase but when you tax your system it does not hang or works slowly

    I discovered this recently when doing [Verifying online Game files+torrent download+firefox+SRS Audio+tried running BF2] BF2 started stuttering that's when I found out I was choked on RAM

    Anyways will wait for 1 months time, and if the deal is still there then get it, now I am cash strapped. Thanks for inputs everyone
  6. vaibhav1

    vaibhav1 New Member

    why do you need 8 GB.? there wont be much difference in 4 gb and 8 gb but yes 8 gb will perform better but not that better as you think.
  7. Arjun

    Arjun Well-Known Member

    When i upgraded from 4gb to 8gb , the performance improvement was very noticeable .

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