SBI Debit Card 3D Secure Code Registration

Discussion in 'World Wide Web' started by thatsashok, Apr 9, 2011.

  1. prakharg

    prakharg New Member

    AFAIK ATM pin is required when you want to reset the password.
  2. gastly

    gastly Member

    1. I don't think there's a connection between the 3D secure code and your ATM pin.
    2. If you already get SMS alerts when a transaction is done then I think you have the mobile number already registered.
    Try and register for the 3D secure code here:

    PS: I went to my nearest SBI ATM to register, but it said 'out of service' or something grrrr..... everyone says you can register at 'SBI Group ATM', are there any other banks ATM's that I can register with? Those that come under 'SBI Group'? :S
  3. Revolution

    Revolution Banned

    It saying that there are 3 step for new registration.

    And first step is Card NO and the Mobile NO.

    My main query is in those three steps do I have to use my ATM PIN NO ?

    I mean I don't want to disclose that PIN NO.....
  4. CA50

    CA50 Well-Known Member

    @revolution, no mate both are different thing, those are not related to each other, you don't have to disclose your ATM pin, just register your no at nearest ATM machine>register at the site>set password, done

    @other who have failed to do successful registration, mobile no where DND is activated can't be registered, as you won't receive the mobile verification code
  5. MRTZ

    MRTZ Member

    This facility is available in HDFC issues Master / VISA cards and I tell you it is just superb. This extra level of security makes any online purchase much safer.
  6. iChaitanya

    iChaitanya Active Member

    I'm totally pissed off at SBI. :no:

    I went to the nearest ATM and registered my mobile no. I even got a printed slip which says "Your request for registration has been accepted." - I didn't receive any SMS though.
    Then, I fired up in FF and filled up the details. After clicking 'next', site says "Your mobile number is not registered with us. Please register your mobile number at any of the State Bank Group ATM." :mad:

    I've already registered this particular mobile no. in my net banking account and I get instant SMSs when I purchase anything via my debit card. So, I don't think DND is a problem.

    WTF am I supposed to do now? :|
  7. MRTZ

    MRTZ Member

    ^ I guess it takes time of few days to reflect your number. It said, "request for registration" is accepted. Now we all know howmuch time a request takes to be completed at any government office :eek:hyeah:
  8. CA50

    CA50 Well-Known Member

    Is your mobile registered with DND ?
  9. iChaitanya

    iChaitanya Active Member

    I finally got the confirmation SMS on 1st July and I was able to register for 3D Secure few mins ago.

    I was expecting an instant SMS but maybe I was expecting too much from SBI. It took 4 days (from the date of registration @ ATM) to activate this 3D Secure thing.
  10. m0667

    m0667 New Member

    I seems something change on sbi debit card 3d secure registration page. because till yesterday it's showing ALREADY HAVE AN AUTHENTICATION CODE? and now nothing showing anything like that. and the registration process getting much easy. and please anyone have use this 3d secure code for online shopping website like ebay or other else, so please i want to know how can this service working. and how can i have everytime new password for every transaction ? please i have no idea about it and hope anybody explain me about how can work this complete process with online internet shopping like ebay.
  11. Revolution

    Revolution Banned

    Yea,I think page has changed.

    It asking for card no,ATM PIN no. etc ?.....
  12. deep16

    deep16 Active Member

    SBI has changed this process. rather than issuing a one time password its real time now. so all you need to do is register your number from the account holding branch and thats all. A random password string will be sent to you by sms in that mobile number everytime you want to access any internet banking facilities. keep in handy that number.

    To change that cell number you have go and re-register your new cell number in your parent branch.
  13. Antidote

    Antidote Active Member

    Just registered and got a 3D secure password in 3 easy steps,, ATM PIN and Creating the password.
  14. Revolution

    Revolution Banned

    Mobile No or the ATM card no ?
  15. deep16

    deep16 Active Member

    mobile number
  16. Nida

    Nida New Member

    Why is the service for enrolling disable? Now how am I suppose to register?
  17. prateekS

    prateekS Well-Known Member

    Ask the sbi people. Go to your branch.
  18. Nida

    Nida New Member

    They don't have an idea 'bout it.
  19. thrift

    thrift Active Member

    Ridiculous stuff by SBI,they have disabled the registration for 3D secure pin,without any intimation and the message they give is 'inconvenience is deeply regretted'.It is just not possible to purchase anything from debit card.Pathetic!
  20. Nida

    Nida New Member

    What do I do? :( I want to buy something for my birthday asap.

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