Samsung Galaxy S2 (where can i get it cheap?)

Discussion in 'Mobile Phone Buying Advice' started by Compiler, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. st7677

    st7677 New Member

    I ordered Samsung Galaxy Note on 22nd Nov, however still there is no update on shipping.

    The status shows ready to be shipped, and expected date of shipping as 25th Nov.

    Everyday, the Call center support says it will ship today, and same repeats every day :(
  2. junk_qwe

    junk_qwe New Member

    Don't worry.. You'd get it this week.. I got my SGS2 in 5 days even though its shipped from Bangalore and I'm in Bangalore.. On the other hand a colleague of mine got the Samsung Galaxy Y in 2 days.. So guess it depends on the model availability as well..

    Where are you located at?
  3. st7677

    st7677 New Member

    Well, I am based out of Bangalore itself.

    Sulekha has outsourced this to Problem it's been over a week now and they are yet to ship the product, moreover they do not give any firm date for shipping. Every day they say today it will be shipped, seems like a standard answer from both Sulekha and Indiaplaza customer care. Since Friday, everyday I call and everyday they repeat the same thing.

    I am now also worried about sinking my money, what if I never receive the phone? :(
    Any suggestions on what can be done, besides calling up their clueless customer service?

    I definitely do not recommend anyone buying from Sulekha!
  4. st7677

    st7677 New Member

    My mobile is still not shipped, and the customer service rep had the same answer "we will ship it today".

    There are no manager / supervisors available to talk to. All contact details on Sulekha website lead to the same call center number.

    If the call center is not able to give you a satisfactory answer, there is no other point of contact for raising a complaint. The customer is totally at the mercy of the call center, who in-turn is clue less and gives same answer every day like a parrot!

    Today, I asked to cancel my order and refund my money, to which also they said it is not possible. So they will not deliver the product not would they rrefund my money... :(

    I threatened to file a police complaint against them if they don't ship it by today. I have the numbers, call details, customer service agent names, whom I have interacted with and all calls are recorded. On this the agent just cut the phone.

    It is simply not worth ordering from going through the wait for your product and frustration of dealing with the clue less call center agents. I can wait if they tell me it is out of stock and instead of 6 days promised they will take 15 days to delivery, but lying every day makes me loose all trust on them. I do not even now if my phone will ever be shipped or not. And if not then what options do I have... But I am surely not going to leave them without a police / cyber crime complaint, whatever it takes

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