Samsung Galaxy S2 : awful battery life :|

Discussion in 'Mobiles and Tablets' started by Aniruddh, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. Aniruddh

    Aniruddh Well-Known Member

    Heyy folks ,

    Replaced my 5-6 month old Blackberry bold3 with new Samsung S2 4-5 days back . Now i have serious problem with the battery life . my previous bb phone use to last 2-3 days, whereas this new S2 which i got dont last 10 hours .

    I've also used phones like IP4 , HTC incredible s etc but never had such a bad expirence with any other phone when it comes to battery life . IP4 with moderate usage use to last 30-36 hours , incredible s worst was 18 hours .

    I am not into multimedia , not a single song,video or any game, screen brightness down to 30% . yet the battery fails to last even 10 hours . tried restore factory setting but to no avail .

    I want to know what could be the reason and what i need to do to get a better battery performance? overall phone is very good , but whats the point of having all the features and this wonderful screen if phone has such a pathetic battery life that too with just 15-20 min of voice call , 15-20 sms & some 15-20 min of web browsing . No 3G , no wifi nothing, have not even once used the camera . i am really baffled and now planning to sell off this phone and buy again a new blackberry bold 3/4 :(

    Edit : - Last evening around 8 i charged the phone to 100% , today in the morning when checked the phone it was off . 8 hours 41 min on battery and then it went off .
  2. red dragon

    red dragon Well-Known Member

    Something is seriously wrong!Without 3g and multimedia it easily crosses 2 days.

    Get rid of those fancy widget Samsung has provided.I hope you are on the the stock ROM.

    Do not use ATK.

    Try battery monitor pro or something like that to see what is happening.

    Install juice defender and see if it makes any difference.

    If you are using any custom ROM make sure you calibrate the battery.

    If everything fails...well,you know what to do!
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  3. aasimenator

    aasimenator MCITP 2008

    Are you serious? I just bought one yesterday... Still using it not sure how long it will go. check you settings "Battery Usage" and see what has been using the battery.

    there are external batteries that are available in the market. don't go for the internal ones they will make the phone bulky.
  4. OP

    Aniruddh Well-Known Member

    Thanks buddy for the quick response .

    Yup there is something terribly wrong , but have no idea what could be the reason . yes i am on stock ROM and will keep it that way .

    have removed all those stupid widget which comes with the Sammy UI . Just checked with the battery usage and after screen its AP mobile some samsung app which is sucking 8% battery , worst this app dont have any option to uninstall :|

    ATK whats that?
  5. red dragon

    red dragon Well-Known Member

    Advanced Task Killer.Many people use it and it is basically useless and can worsen the battery life significantly.

    BTW,you probably have started this thread in wrong section.
  6. OP

    Aniruddh Well-Known Member

    Aasimenator yup very serious and clueless about the reason of this bizzare issue .

    Battery usage:-

    1 - Display - 70%

    2- AP mobile - 13%

    3- System - 11%

    4- OS - 2%

    5- dialer - 2%

    6- Standby - 2%

    Rather than doing all that like getting another battery and all i'd rather sell it off and will go back to bb .

    Red_dragon i aint using Apps like Advanced task killer .

    @Mod - Sorry have started this thread in wrong section by mistake , kindly move it to right section. thanks
  7. paarkhi

    paarkhi Well-Known Member

    ATK=Advanced Task Killer It depends on you to use it or not and are you on android 2.3.3 then I think there is an official update for 2.3.4 which improves the battery life a bit and you can try custom ROMS also which will improve even further. XDA is your next stop ;)
    Don't be in a hurry to sell, you have got a wonderful device
  8. OP

    Aniruddh Well-Known Member

    2.3.4 already out? :eek: i tried OTA update but it shows you have the latest software eerrr :|

    HHmm yup have read many prefer custom ROMS , but then i being a novice would refrain from doing all that as i fear i'd end up getting my phone bricked !
  9. viditkalra

    viditkalra Active Member

    That AP mobile thing is the Mobile hotspot functionality and is a battery sucker..
    Switch it off from "Wireless and mobile networks"..

    If you don't use 3G, use the network mode to GSM only..
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  10. desiibond

    desiibond Well-Known Member

    Looks like display is eating up lot of battery juice. see if you can drain the battery completely once of twice (a necessary step for a new moblie). I would suggest you to ditch that touchwiz UI and get a custom ROM like CM7.
  11. Konquerror

    Konquerror Well-Known Member

    I think battery needs to be re-calibrated...discharge the phone completely till it goes connect it to charger...and let it charge completely...don't switch it on...once the battery is charged 100%...remove the charger and switch it on...see if battery life improves...repeat for 2-3 cycles of this and report here
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  12. ryanrulez4ever

    ryanrulez4ever Well-Known Member
    Section Mod

    im Getting 20-24 hours backup with My SGS2 with MIUI build 26.8 , with 2-3 texts, 20 mins of music listening, 10 mins of angry birds, and maybe 6-7 mins of calls and yes data On , and yes i moved in from BB2 and yes i miss the battery, but Android is awesome, many apps to choose from, Many devs, Even i used to get backup of 14-15 hrs with stock rom, but MIUI rocks \m/
  13. Aman27deep

    Aman27deep Well-Known Member

    Also don't use Live wallpapers. They drain the battery like anything.
  14. techpal

    techpal Well-Known Member

    i am getting 1.5 days of battery life with 3g and wifi on all the time.
  15. red dragon

    red dragon Well-Known Member

    ^^Yes,me too.I am on stock ROM.

    Tried a few customs,but all of them eats the battery faster the stock.

    @o.p,DO NOT install any custom ROM now...wait for at least couple of more months.

    If your battery life remains bad even after you turn off the 3g router thing,do the followings

    A.Root if you are not already rooted.

    B.Freeze the useless apps(use titanium or deep freeze)

    C.Undervolt the procy.
  16. viralbug

    viralbug Well-Known Member

    It seems display was on for quite a while. Are you sure it was not on the whole time?
    Also turn of mobile AP in wireless settings menu. It will suck a lot of battery. Turn off wifi and 3G if you're not using it.
    Check for another 3-4 days after a few battery recharge cycles.

    Also, don't bother using Advanced Task Killer. You don't need it at all on such phones.
  17. karizma.r2008

    karizma.r2008 New Member

    from where did you buy the phone? i mean to say is it from a reputated shop and was the package properly sealed at the time of purchase?
  18. OP

    Aniruddh Well-Known Member

    Thanks so much guys for all the inputs :)

    1 - Not using 3G at all , its in gsm mode .

    2- Used WIFI for hardly 15-20 mins thats it

    3- Not using any of the apps like ATK

    4- Disabled that crappy AP mobile which came with Sammy UI :x

    5- In the last 3-4 days thrice battery got discharged completely , and had kept the phone switched off till the time batt went back to 100%

    6- No livewallpaper . using plain Black color wallpaper as i have read some where its better to use darker wally to get better battery life out of most AMOLED screen .

    Ok charged the battery again to 100% an hour back but the same story :| . 1 hour 16 on battery and its down to 78% . well nothing working for me . phone is simply great but then no point if it wont last even a day .

    @Viralbug ofcourse not pal . why will i keep the display on :eek:

    @Karizma - Yup got it from a very reputated shop . yes the box was properly sealed i checked it the time he gave the box to me . so no question of any fraud . maybe i was little unlucky , i landed up with a lemon probably !

    Guess will give it back later in the evening and go with a new BB bold 3 . 14k in drain within 4 days :|

    Thanks so much !
  19. wingmysoul

    wingmysoul Active Member

    ragzdiablo from the forum had a similiar problem with his S2. PM him, he may be able to help you out.

    Hope you sort out the issue out mate, thats one hell of a phone!
  20. zhopudey

    zhopudey Well-Known Member

    Why is everyone suggesting rooting and custom roms? Are you saying the battery life OP gets is normal for stock rom?

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