Samsung Galaxy S IV launch date, new features..

Discussion in 'Latest Technology News' started by Spacescreamer, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. Spacescreamer

    Spacescreamer Well-Known Member
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    Seems like Samsung has decided to offset/upset the apple's strategy to refresh their line up every six months.
  2. The Knight

    The Knight Knight is coming

    Good to hear it. Any guesses in pricing?
  3. dexBG

    dexBG still fishing

    Alright hush-hush time boys ..

    Sources "inside" Samsung tell me that
    1. the S IV body will have "sharper corners"
    2. Samsung is going to rely heavily on motion gestures , not the screen swipe but more of the wave your hand in front of the phone kind.
  4. hahahari

    hahahari Active Member

    For gods sake, make them a little sturdier! Your so good with everything else, just master this one last thing!
  5. RS4

    RS4 Well-Known Member

    It would be better if they concentrate on improving the finish and in-hand feel of the galaxy range than adding gimmicks like motion gestures on a phone.
  6. The Knight

    The Knight Knight is coming

    All rumours either all true. So wait for the final specs guys.
  7. Xavier

    Xavier Well-Known Member

    Screw everything else, Samsung. Just make sure you make the drivers of your processor and other hardware open source. If they don't do this, I'm never buying a Samsung phone again. Most great devs have their eyes on the Xperia Z and I'll gladly follow them blindly.
  8. cyberwarfare

    cyberwarfare Well-Known Member

    ^what he said. im going with sony this round. sammy dosnt want to open up and sony is just opened the floodgates :)
  9. The Knight

    The Knight Knight is coming

    I agree! Sony has revealed a great device this year. I don't think that samsung can compete against XPERIA Z.
  10. raksrules

    raksrules Well-Known Member

    Can anyone explain me what Sony has done so great ? (*noob alert..i genuinely don't know). Also what is the advantage of whatever they have done ?
  11. ALPHA17

    ALPHA17 Big man with a mouth

    Following reasons --
    • For the first time SONY's flagship device is carrying the same hardware firepower that is expected to come from other brands like SAMSUNG unless they plan to go octa-core.
    • Large screen-size, most SONY devices carry a smaller screen than their competition, ostensibly for lesser load on a GPU (less RAM usage) and for increasingly high PPI rates, they are currently at the top of the Retina-esque pixel density curve.
    • Their phones exude class, I am not saying SAMSUNG OR hTC phones are poorly built actually the former uses atrocious plastics on its premium devices. But then no flagship carries IP-57 rating while still giving an iPhone a run for its money in the style-quotient.
    • Redesigned Android interface, although I like the Timescape skin on top of stock Android I am firmly in the minority and SONY has acknowledged the same so it is going to the basics with a more lightly skinned Android OS. This will allow SONY to patch their devices faster with the latest iterations of the OS.
    • Hopefully the hype will catch on the with the Developer community and we can have good ROM's to choose from.
    Hope this explains why, hopefully SONY will break their lacklustre sales chart and start on a more North-bound course.
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  12. randomuser111

    randomuser111 Active Member

    Well the bigger reason is Sony is the most developer friendly OEM, and Sony even has developer representatives at XDA that interact with the developers there. Also using Qualcomm chips in their phones means developers get the code quickly, unlike Samsung which still hasn't released Exynos code yet. :)

    Sony even gave away Xperia T for free to top developers.

    And yeah, I can't say much at this point but Samsung is going to get a taste of its own medicine this year from Sony. ;)
  13. cyberwarfare

    cyberwarfare Well-Known Member

    Besides what alpha pointed out, here is a good read explaining why sony has the support of the top developers this time around :)

    im almost certainly getting the xperia z, unless tegra 4 has >25% more power than the krait 8064 used in the sony. the only thing more i would have liked to have in the z is wireless charging :(
  14. randomuser111

    randomuser111 Active Member


    Though not exactly wireless charging, the Z does charge "without" wires. The charging dock charges the Z via the pogo pins. So no wires needed

  15. NDragger

    NDragger Active Member

    when this crap gonna come to an end ... S III, s IV, sV ...
  16. Spacescreamer

    Spacescreamer Well-Known Member
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    ^ Just about when Sony's P J Z will..
    or maybe around when Android's Alphabet desserts will be done with.

    Anybody's guess.

    More relevant question i think is when will the frenzy of increasing the screen size end.
  17. The Knight

    The Knight Knight is coming

  18. dexBG

    dexBG still fishing

  19. raksrules

    raksrules Well-Known Member

    I am not really sure how comfortable it will be to do the hovering thing rather than actually touching screen. May be people will adapt the same way we adapted touchscreen in favour of keypads.
  20. Pat

    Pat Well-Known Member

    I don't see any significant advantage of using hover gestures over touch.

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