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    Hello I am looking to buy a home broadband router for my Airtel connection where I can be the administrator and put daily data limit of se 500 MB usage in the same ssid or a guest ssid. because in my network there are people who come and use whole data 20GB so I want to Limit total data to say 500MB usage in one day. I yave TP link router that I have I can only limit the bandwidth speed but not the total data size. So can you please advise me any router model that has this feature
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  2. indy1811

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  3. Party Monger

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    Advanced tomato can enforce quota based on ip address and mac address.
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    mi router 3 has this option
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    My dlink & netgear has inbuilt feature and its a basic ones to filter & allocate band width for an ip or mac so you must be missing on some settings. Its under advanced settings.

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