taking money from my account ?

Discussion in 'World Wide Web' started by sam000, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. sam000

    sam000 Active Member

    I checked my axis bank statement recently and in that it said i have made a purchase of like Rs 260 online ....which i did checked if some other transcation like this happened without my knowledge....last month too shortly after i recharged my mobile via Paytm website Rs 200 was deducted from ma debit card....So contacted the bank now waiting for them to reply :( .


    Anyone had similar things happen to them after they used a debit card on Paytm?
  2. abid567

    abid567 Active Member

    ohh no :O how can they steal money?i too recharged from paytm today..just checked my bank statement and nothing debited extra
  3. varkey

    varkey Well-Known Member

    I have done recharges for more than 5k using PayTM and never faced any issue like this. Most probably it might be something else, maybe some auto bill payment that you had set up?
  4. sam000

    sam000 Active Member

    I have not setup anything to auto debit from ma account....that i am sure....the bank has taken the complaint and told me to ring tomorrow....the operator confirmed that i have used the debit card to purchase something online....the details he said will take some time.....But i have not used that debit card to purchase anything like that for the said amount....that i know for sure....the same thing like that happened the previous month also ...that time it was Rs200 ....The Bank wanted me to block the card but i refused as i have to pay for ma seedbox a few days from they told me to change all the password's :(.
  5. agantuk

    agantuk Well-Known Member

    How can changing the password help? They (payTM) clearly have an authorisation to debit your card without a password else they would haven't been able to
  6. sam000

    sam000 Active Member

    sorry for the late reply guys.....the bank did contact my house but i was outside when they called...they did not give any detail to my mom just asked for me and cut the line.....i think have to go to the branch to sort this on out as the toll free number no one is picking up the call .

    Somehow the PayTm guys found out about this thread :O ....they messaged me to give them the order number so they can investigate......i will give them the details after i confirm with the bank .....that will be more helpful i think.
  7. adi_vastava

    adi_vastava Code Game Code F**K

  8. HailStonE

    HailStonE Well-Known Member

    When I got a recharge, during payment there was a checkbox for saving card details for future transactions. I obviously didn't checked it. @OP did you get that checkbox option.
  9. sam000

    sam000 Active Member

    I know about that so did not tick that....i dont like my card details getting stored anywhere :p
  10. mehrotra.akash

    mehrotra.akash Active Member

    Isnt the VbV password required for each transaction in India?

    Sites like Steam can process the payment w/o the VbV password, but I thought Indian sites were required to make use of it
  11. sam000

    sam000 Active Member

    Just got a call from the bank....they are saying its the payTm itself that would have deducted it they also said they cant give any proof now as the branch cant see all the detail of the transaction they have forwarded the complaint to the IT department and told me to wait to get all the details.

    This happened on july also here is a screen shot of that transaction after i used PayTm :


    Order Number : 3017386

    Order number for the other transaction is : 3743546

    Whats going on here ?:S.
  12. swatkats

    swatkats Well-Known Member

    So.. Paytm Getting sued?
  13. adi_vastava

    adi_vastava Code Game Code F**K

    ^^ They better should get sued if it is a mistake at their part (it seems exactly so)
  14. sam000

    sam000 Active Member

    I got this in my pm from the payTM guys after they saw this thread :

    the order number i have given in this thread itself Whats taking them so long now?

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