Car & Bike Pulsar 200. Past 30k Kms. What all to do?

Discussion in 'General Talk' started by m-jeri, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. m-jeri

    m-jeri A Nobody.

    Hi All..

    So my pulsar200 is past 30k Kms.

    What all to be done? I usually service the bike every 2k~3k Kms. Back in kerala, every 10k Kms they tell us to change the 10k Kit. I think the plug, filter, oils etc were done. around ~1200rs for that alone.

    Now in Mysore, KA. I am not so cool with their service. Or dunno if this is how its done.

    Here they said, if required, will change. When i called them, they said the brake pads are changed. How many KMs they are changed? Cost? I havent asked them.

    Any advice appreciated.

  2. sunny27

    sunny27 Stig's Indian Cousin!!!

    Get your bike checked at Castrol Bike Zone. The mechanics there are extremely good and will give you a proper sitrep of your bike. you need to take a standard service - gold service - which will cost you Rs.250. I recommend changing your tyres and getting yourself ABS in the front disc brakes.
  3. mach9

    mach9 Resident Tranceaddict

    The usual maintenance check as per the maintenance manual if you still have it. If you dont.. i have mine lying around somewhere. I can take a look and let you know.

    Top of my mind - from my own P200 service history.. i had issues with the chain sprocket and the chain wearing out on a few links.. the general wear and tear on the steering coneset was the next item. Apart from that nothing much else.

    This assumes your engine's general upkeep has already been taken care of via the regular checks. Clutch wear and brake pad/fluid etc can be as per your judgement.

    In my case since i use the Motul 300V, the head keeps leaking a bit of oil everytime.. but thats inevitable with the Motul 300v.
  4. ramdante

    ramdante Well-Known Member

    Kinda related to topic, I have a Pulsar 200 done 31k kms 4.5years old(good condition/great mileage)..How much should/can I expect in the 2nd hand market.??
  5. mach9

    mach9 Resident Tranceaddict

    currently the rates are around 32k or at best 40k on the higher side..

    Bajaj has simply screwed the value of their older top range models. Frankly i suggest you use the max the bike can give you and then sell it for whatever you can get.

    the P200 has a great motor but is let down by the overall weakness in the mechanicals.. the gearbox does it no favor.. then again gearboxes were always bajaj's Achilles heel. As long as you enjoy the bike and its engine response is good.. keep it.

    btw: A little advice.. do yourself a favor and dont ever go for a Bajaj product again. KTM or not, you cant trust their "economics of scale" logic when it comes to their brands.. they might just screw owners again in the future like they screwed the 200/220 owners
  6. ramdante

    ramdante Well-Known Member

    Hey mach9 thx for the advice, as I ve already ordered a classic350 I have to sell it now, can you suggest me some place online where I could put it up for sale.??
  7. mach9

    mach9 Resident Tranceaddict

    xbhp or team-bhp are those that have the max audience for these things.. they do have a classifieds section but i guess there's some minimum requirement for members to post there. Best and fastest way to do it is probably the oldest.. word of mouth through friends/relatives/local mechanics etc.

    Most often than not, the local mechanics will get you the best offer... there are a lot of "ripping" crowd - if you knw what i mean - who pick up P200s/P220s .. the mechanics know best.
  8. abhifusion

    abhifusion Well-Known Member

    At 30k normally these things you need to see...

    #Spark Plugs - Replace (Champions cost ~ 80/plug, I use NGK Iridium, costs 550 each)

    #Brake Pads n Oil - Replace (Pads cost ~ 180 bucks, Dot3 KBX oil ~40 ans Dot4 KBX oil ~80 bucks)

    #Chain Sprocket (A chain Sprocket set hardly lsats me 15k kms on my P220, but then I dont maintain it properly :p ) A set costs ~1150

    #Engine Balancer Loading - Reduces Harshenss-Vibes from engine ~ 250 bucks

    #Valve Lapping- If ur experience some power loss

    #Engine Oil- If you are using mineral oil now and want to switch to fully synthetic oil like Motul 300V, Flush the engine first...

    #Check Fork Oil
  9. m-jeri

    m-jeri A Nobody.

    Thanks for the replies... Lots of common answers so get the point

    There is one in mysore. will check it out.

    btw what is a castrol bike zone? They diagnose ur bike?

    Tyres, Ah. In mind for last 2 months. It might go for atleast 2k or perhaps 3k kms. *touchwood*

    Now i have a 160 tube tire at the back. 140 tubeless is std for p200. Need to look for a 160 tubeless if possible.

    Last time i changed tires, MRF was having some strike at their factories. Tire was scarce and pricey.

    Great pointers mate.. :D.

    #Spark Plugs - 2 spark plugs and air filter already on my list

    #Brake Pads n Oil - Brake pad and oil change done now

    #Chain Sprocket - Guess the chain may last me a bit more. *touchwood*

    #Engine Balancer Loading - Is this that oil being run through or heated or something like that? anyways will definitely be doing this

    #Valve Lapping- Will do

    #Engine Oil- Any advantages in the synthetic switch

    #Check Fork Oil- Done last time.

    The Engine balancer loading and valvle lapping, every service guys know them r8?

    yes i do feel the power is not like it was before. :(
  10. hahahari

    hahahari Active Member

    Accelerator cables

    break cables

    clutch cables

    Chain sprocket change is a must. You might not notice the issues right away but if it breaks, your in for major trouble. Specially at higher speeds, will also make ur bike smoother.
  11. m-jeri

    m-jeri A Nobody.


    The cables... I forgot completely.... Will do.

    Chain sprocket... :S... Will check that out anyways. I dont do much speeding. usual ~60kms.
  12. mach9

    mach9 Resident Tranceaddict

    the chain sprocket wear is not just a result of speeding.. normal wear and tear will work it down anyway.. depends on overall factors of riding conditions etc.

    the switch to synthetic is a huge huge difference... the oil lasts longer and the engine smoothness is on another level altogether. You only need to try the Motul 300v once to know the difference. It's a little expensive at around 925 for 1 bottle of 1L (and you need around 1300ml for the P200.. so 2 bottles).. but once changed, the oil lasts for 5000km easy. ( i would recommed changing the oil around in between 4000-5500.. but not more than 5000 ideally)

    The downside is that the 15w50 on the pulsars causes minor leakage from the piston head seal.. (the round black rubber block on the starboard side of the engine block). The P200 needs 20w50 oil but that said, the 15w50 by itself should be no reason for the pulsar's head to leak.. it's just one of those things you can put down to Bajaj. in fact i've known of cases where the bigger pulsars just have their heads leak for no apparent reason even with the "recommended" 20w50 oil. It just depends on the individual bike you have.

    Generally speaking, Motul's oil's are really great (from personal experience and i've even tried the castrol stuff).. they maintain the engine smoothness over a greater span of time and the throttle response is soo smooth, it invites you to simply cream the motor. The engine purring at speeds over 70k is soo awesome, you need to feel it to know what i mean.

    If you dont want to go full synthetic.. Motul has other oils too that are pretty good as well.
  13. SunnyBoi

    SunnyBoi Well-Known Member

    If you need a very good mechanic in Mysore, lemme know
  14. m-jeri

    m-jeri A Nobody.

    Please do tell. :)

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    Ok. I had this head leakage issue. They took out the engine casing at top and put some kinda paste/gum like thing. Nowadays no leakage is there.

    In my p220 it was there by default. Yup, I have both p200 and p220. Stupid i know. But i wanted a bike in a day or 2 and bullet was asking 4 months even if i was ready to pay cash. :(
  15. mach9

    mach9 Resident Tranceaddict

    then you know exactly what i meant with the head leak.

    Its just another aspect of shit bajaj quality. Every time they replace it.. it will leak eventually. The paste is a thermoseal "supposedly". By that, it's supposed to withstand the heat of the engine during running and bind even further at higher temperatures than normal adhesives. Still.. there's either something inherently flawed with the seal design or the specifications, because replacing it is only a temporary relief. The damn problem never really goes away. Perhaps its a manufacturing gremlin and differs from batch to batch.
  16. abhifusion

    abhifusion Well-Known Member

    Yeah experienced mechanic should know this...

    If you can afford definitely switch to synthetic engine oil... They last longer, ensures smoother gearshifts, keeps engine cleaner thereby increasing engine life... If not Motul 300v atleast go for Motul 5100 Semisynthetic which costs ~ 495 and lasts ~ 3k kms ... Dont ever go for Castrol or Bajaj 10000kms crap oil ...

    The leakage observed when synthetic oil is used is called seepage... Its normal. nothing to worry about... I myself has got head gasket changed 2 times :p ... And Brake cables don't need replacement so soon...

    And you are running 160 section tyre at back :O ... Stock P220/200 have 120 !! Bigger section tyre will definitely give u less mileage and acceleration...
  17. mach9

    mach9 Resident Tranceaddict

    and prolly wear out the sprockets faster too..
  18. hahahari

    hahahari Active Member

    160 wont fit without extensive modding. Go no further than 140!!! 130 in itself would be more than sufficient incase you do want a wider Tyre. Or a get a Micheline Sirac Street 120(I think pulsar is 120-17, and one of my friends has Sirac on his P220, amazing results from what he tells me), would give you better performance everywhere except sand. I have had the tyres easily slipping on Sand.
  19. abhifusion

    abhifusion Well-Known Member

    I'm using Michelin Sirac on my P220 since 1.5yr :) ... It has excellent grip but you lose on acceleration since its 120/90 (Stock is 120/80, Sirac increases height by ~10mm) but you'll gain on top end (~3-5km); But I hv heard lately that Michelin India no longer sells it here, dunno how far its true... Another good tyre for P200/220 is Pirelli Sport Demon, offers excellent grip but wears out faster coz its soft compound...

    IMO FZ rear tyre has no advantage over stock one except looks ... I'm using FZ's front tyre, its good and makes bike more flickable around corners...
  20. m-jeri

    m-jeri A Nobody.

    then its 140. by bad. it was 20 more, comparable to FZ's i remember. Or something like that.

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