Photon Plus v/s Reliance NetConnect v/s Airtel 3G stick

Discussion in 'Telecom and Broadband Internet' started by abbY, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. abbY

    abbY Well-Known Member

    hey Guys,
    I would really appreciate if you could help me chose one of these ?
    Price no bar ... max theoretical speeds don't matter .. need consistency and good average speeds.

    Thank you,
  2. delguy19

    delguy19 Well-Known Member

    price no bar means with airtel 3g u get aweful plans like 750 for 2gb and after that 30 paisa per 20KB which is way expensive. i suggest reliance netconnect it gives nice speed but max 3.1 mbps it support have nice plans like 10gb day 10gb night for 1500 or 15gb a month for 1750 after that 50 paisa per mb.

    tata photon plus is also gives max 3.1 mbps plan are good like 1500 for 15gb after that 155kbps

    even airtel's consistency is bad as they just started and data card cost are high too
  3. OP

    abbY Well-Known Member

    price no bar, the company pays whatever I want :D

    it has to be consistent, I can't reason that my reception is low so I can't get the work done.
  4. delguy19

    delguy19 Well-Known Member

    still suggest go for reliance or tata check ur area as i am from delhi ncr and using relaince from last 3 yrs for me it worked awesome in mumbai too best speed i get in mumbai. stay away from airtel as all know airtel is awful in mumbai
  5. Supra

    Supra New Member

    I am sure there is a limit lol :D

    Get Reliance NetConnect 3G (not CDMA/EVDO)...AFAIK its the best in Mumbai :)

    Reliance 3G Plans & Pricing
  6. delguy19

    delguy19 Well-Known Member

    +1 for relaince and i am sure company wont pay 50000 for ur bill
  7. OP

    abbY Well-Known Member

    I don't have much usage on this one ... oh and btw I am in blore and I have a 4Mbps Airtel wireline at home and a 20Meg in the office ... wanted something for the road .... 1-1.5GB should suffice.

    Are you guys suggesting Reliance 3G / EVDO ?

    Can I expect 1Mbps consistently in reliance / tata ?

    Is reliance better of the Tata Photon ?
  8. delguy19

    delguy19 Well-Known Member

    i am talking about reliance netconnect broadband edvo
  9. Superbad

    Superbad Well-Known Member

    opt for reliance netconnect 3g. There is a plan for 2.1k with 21gb data. And then 10p/10kb.
    Afaik you could easily get upto 21mbps speed with it. I got 11mbps speed with my 10.2mbps phone. Though not using reliance 3g now since they capped speed for 2g recharge on 3g But if your company pays then opt for reliance netconnect 3g. With billing connection you can opt for a 21mbps modem too so other hassles too will be taken care of.
  10. Harmit

    Harmit New Member


    Reliance 2G prepaid SIM and registered on 3G network. Location Delhi-East

    1) Reliance GSM Preparid sim - Rs 50/-

    2) Option ICON 505 3G USB Modem 14.4 Mbps - Rs2250/-

    3) Did recharge of Rs 99/- worth 250Mb.

    I had also tried BSNL SIM on MTNL, but it was not even worth browsing.
  11. guptaji

    guptaji Well-Known Member

    So the verdict is on Relaince I guess!

    Is the reliance Netconnect+ a good option while roaming as well vis-a-vis a Tata Photon+?
  12. delguy19

    delguy19 Well-Known Member

    reliance is good all over india except places where they just have 1x
  13. guptaji

    guptaji Well-Known Member

    which modem should one choose from the Reliance options??
  14. rite

    rite Well-Known Member

    Airtel Flexishield, 675 for 1.25 GB after that 1p/100Kb till Rs.2000 after that unlimited browsing at 20Kbps for remaining of 30 days.

    Once you finish Rs.2000 change the sim. 2000 gives around 13-14gb or so with a minimum committment of just 675 per month
  15. pratikb

    pratikb Well-Known Member

    speed is bakwas of airtel and who wants failtel's fup.

    its good for you .


    first time saw some sense in your post but you lost it in your second post.

    OP--go for reliance net connect 3G with 21 mbps stick.

    that will be best combination.

    buy the stick from market.

    reliance sells it for 4.5k.
  16. rite

    rite Well-Known Member

    Well, Airtel 3g has better speeds than Reliance Netconnect and Tata Photon Plus. Tata photon plus gives around 512kbps to 1 Mbps average, I have tata photon plus, so I know.

    Airtel gives avg 1.5-3.5 Mbps, with bursts of 4-5+ Mbps.

    Reliance 3g may be better than Airtel 3g in terms of speed, but definitely not Reliance Netconnect.

    For browsing, 3 Mbps or 6 Mbps doesn't really make much of a difference if you can get away with 1/3rd the committed amount with the flexibility of increasing the data usage as per your requirement.

    However, if you are ready for 10+ GB each month, you can go with Reliance.

    Although, my personal experience with Airtel's CC has been much better than with Reliance.
  17. red dragon

    red dragon Well-Known Member

    Rite bhai,everyone was talking about RELIANCE NETCONNECT 3G here.
  18. pratikb

    pratikb Well-Known Member

    new height of rite,

    cant even read properly.

    OP--get reliance 3G.thats current top of breed.

    dont bother of Failtel.

    you will get FUP'ed.
  19. sbhas2k

    sbhas2k Active Member

    I use reliance netconnect+ for my office purpose.. very steady and reliable, for the past 1 year there was a downtime of just 2 to 3 hrs ...

    Also heard reliance 3G is awesome as well, in Mumbai we consistently get 11 to 14MBps...
    Reliance is the best bet... 3G or Evdo you wud be happy with both.
  20. comp@ddict

    comp@ddict Well-Known Member

    Even I got 200kb/s excess download speed at a remote town Udupi near mangalore, Reliance is actually good.

    Aircel's 3G there was non-existent

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