Budget 15-20K Phone with good developer support.

Discussion in 'Mobile Phone Buying Advice' started by marX, Aug 28, 2017.

  1. marX

    marX New Member

    1. Budget?
    A: INR 12k-20k

    2. Preferred display size, type and resolution?
    A: 4.5"-5.5", IPS LCD/AMOLED, FHD and above

    3. Preferred operating system? (Android (with version), iOS, Windows Phone etc).
    A: Android Nougat, iOS 10.3.3 (iPhone 6S or better)

    4. Preferred connectivity options? (4G, 3G, 2G etc).
    A: 3G, 4G

    5. Do you have any brand preference or dislike? Please name them.
    A: No preference. But, should have good service network

    6. What is your intended use for this phone (internet, camera, multimedia, mails etc.)?
    A: Playing World of tanks: Blitz game, Camera, Movies, mails and internet

    7. Single SIM/ Dual SIM?
    A: No preference

    8. New or Used? Online or Offline?
    A: New. Don’t mind buying online.

    9. Any other requirements?
    A: Need good battery backup, shouldn't get too hot while playing, good sound quality.

    10. If you have already considered a phone, then please mention the model
    A: Moto G5 Plus

    Some Background:
    I'm using an iPhone 6 but its battery is draining quickly. I'm currently repairing it but don't have much faith as it could be very costly. Also, I have an Xperia ZR with a broken screen. Its been 2 years since I have used that mobile and was planning to replace its touchscreen. When I turned it on now, it have a bootloop. I would try to recover it but I'm wondering how capable it is now with its aging Snapdragon S4 pro processor.

    So, shall I go ahead and get a budget-ish phone ?

    Also, should I wait till iPhone 7S gets announced which can make the price of iPhone 6S dip ?
    (I love iPhone 6S ! Its still a great piece of kit IMO)
  2. sbhas2k

    sbhas2k Well-Known Member

    Update to iOS 11.3 check the battery health and if it is below 80, then get it changed for a coat of flat 2k

    It will serve you 2 more years atleast. My iPhone 6 shows battery health of 94% after 2 years of usage n last a whole day
  3. rohitshakti2

    rohitshakti2 Active Member

    How can we check battery health in android phones and is it reliable?
  4. arunkc

    arunkc Member

    I'm currently using the lenovo Z2 plus, it is FANTASTIC for the price that I got, 7999rs refurbished on Amazon. Has full Dev support with hdr+ and portrait mode camera, oreo with treble and more. Plus it has a nice large 3500mah battery, great 5" screen, snapdragon 820 which gets a bit hot if left unlocked but I used kernel aduitor and enabled thermal throttling, it is now nice and cool while giving me 150k on antutu 7. Cannot recommend it enough.
  5. rohitshakti2

    rohitshakti2 Active Member

    How is its camera, I hv'nt seen good reviews of it? Is it comparable to Note4?
  6. paarkhi

    paarkhi Well-Known Member

    redmi note 5 pro
  7. arunkc

    arunkc Member

    It's not earth shatteringly better, but the Google HDR+ and portrait mode camera app works which I'd say puts it on par with rn4 with better features like Portrait mode etc. It also does 120fps slow motion video and actual 60fps full HD video even in low light which the redmi for some reason can't do.
  8. Futureized

    Futureized Active Member

    A new Asus zoom 2018 model is launched.. check for sure.. that to under 16K

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