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Discussion in 'Computer Software' started by chic_magnet, May 28, 2006.

  1. chic_magnet

    chic_magnet New Member

    hey folks,..
    need help here. :)
    i got my moozik.. which currently stands at 35gb.. but i got only approx 2300 trax... but ya many of them are single 2 hours tracks :eek:hyeah:
    anyways .. my moozik is categorised alphabetically.. on the basis of names of artists.
    now i wanna take a back up of the moozik. but i`m thinking would it be too many dvd`s ?? since its only 2300 tracks and 35gigs of space!
    most of the mp3`s are 192kbps and above...
    wanna know a few things..
    1) should i reduce quality of my music and then burn , so i can burn more on a single dvd.
    2) should i encode.. err ..convert into another format? say mp4? whilst retaining the quality of the original file
    3) which media you suggest to burn my moozik on.. should i go for the dual layered discs .. or should i go for the verbatim discs ..
    thinking dual layer. cause i got these radio shows by an artist in a particular year..and they would fit on a dual layer... but would it last??

    also how should i burn the moozik so its easy to find later on? cause directory A occupies more then half of all my moozik..and then the rest occupy the other half..
    pls help . i dont wanna lose my moozik again!

  2. evilution

    evilution New Member

    Well, dont convert it any futher as it will degrade the quality of the music folder. SIngle Layer Disc will do fine in terms of cost effectiveness. In fact you can burn two copies of each DVD. At 35 GB, I assume, you will be needing 9 DVD(18 in case of 2 copies). Moser Baer DVDs are of very good quality and cost upto 20 or even less.
  3. Justinâ„¢

    Justinâ„¢ Active Member


    If you are thinking of verbatim DVDs, I think money wont be a big issue for you. So, my suggestion is that you go for a small portable harddisk. In your case you will need a 40GB one and it will cost you around 4.5k-6k. It will be more reliable solution and your data will be organised just the way it is organised on your harddisk.
  4. OP

    chic_magnet New Member

    no not buying MB..... suggest other brand.. and some other measures..if possible.. i wanna keep the backup for atleast 2-3 years man... i doubt MB`s gonna last that long! :(

    thanks though.

    Edit -

    @justin..errr .. my moozik increases by around 4.7gb (1 dvd) a week.. so buying a portable isnt an option..i have enough space on my hdd too.. just wanna keep my moozik safe. since i dont have a very fast connection, downloading it all again would be a pain!

    and wanna keep it safe for quite sometime. so i dont have to bother abt the media going kaput..

    and ya wanted to ask abt this too... since my moozik keeps increasing. how would i organize stuff properly... like what i have burnt and what i havent?

    that`s where i`m perplexed.. dont wanna end up burning same stuff again again again..

    is there music organizer that would allow me to categorize stuff... for eg - what i have burnt and what i havent? thanks!
  5. Aditya

    Aditya New Member

    Just buy some 10 Dual Layer DVD's. Thats all youll really need for a awesome backup. :).
  6. Renegade

    Renegade The Outlaw
    Super Mod

    When was the last time you or anyone lost his data coz it was on a 3rd grade media like moerbaer?? Of course I am not talking about the worse media but MoserBaer and above.
    AFAIK these media have a life span of well over a decade. It is a dye based media so the defect/failure would be there while writing itself coz of defect in dye layer, otherwise no. Once a DVD is burned how can the media fail. :S
  7. OP

    chic_magnet New Member

    err that's what i wanted to know actually.. abt media.. cause there was a problem with the dvd-r(as stated in the optical media sticky). and i could'nt get the dvd+r :(... maybe those were due to the way you burnt them. or maybe not...

    that's why i have a doubt esp abt the media.. cause once burnt i would then delete from my hdd... so wanna be triple sure abt media quality! :)
  8. Justinâ„¢

    Justinâ„¢ Active Member

    If you are that confused about media and can afford Verbatim DVDs, close your eyes and go for it. Its the best out there and none beats it.

    By the way DVDs has four formats:

    Nowadays, nearly all DVD writers support both the + and - formats and both are equally good. Verbatim comes with +.
  9. XTerminator

    XTerminator New Member

    Its very simple.
    Instead of organizing your music based on Alphabets, do it according to Artists.
    Make diff DVDs for each artist and multisession them if you have space left on it so as to accomodate more music by that artist at a later stage.

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  10. OP

    chic_magnet New Member

    ya i`m going for verbatim :)...should buy a few in a few days time..
  11. Kumar

    Kumar New Member

    As for the keeping track of the backups,just do an incremental backup using any backup tool such as nero back it up.The s/w will take care of what to burn and what not to burn.

    .With nero,u can recover the files even if nero isn't installed.
  12. OP

    chic_magnet New Member

    @Xt ya its on the basis of artists only :) just that they are then grouped into the common alphabet folder.. saves me the hassles of finding where a particular folder is..

    and ya that's what i was thinking too and since i dont listen to a wide variety of artists. this method of burning dvd`s would suit the best :)

    @kumar.. hmmm.. i think i would need a lot of space right... cause i need double the space to take a backup.. and i have to increment it. it would increase further. hmm

    wanted a way to know as to on which date i have added a particular file to my moozik partition(since i have a dedicated 90gb partiton for my moozik). so that might make it easier to know as to which moozik is still left to be burnt. :).. ..this was just an example though..

    can anyone suggest a good music organizer ?

  13. Vince

    Vince Boogie-Man

    i've been having the same prob as you chic for like a year. i have only a 40gb hdd. And i have a variety of artists in my collection.
    i burn dvds with as much music of as few artists as possible, and write the names of the artists on the dvd.
    this does lead to problems when i get other songs by the same artists later on..

    No perfect solution mate..

  14. OP

    chic_magnet New Member

    @ vince ya man.. even i have been in a conundrum for sometime now!

    so i asked her for inputs... so i could know what i burn, and it would be easy to find out too :)

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