Nokia to Supposedly Sell Its Mobile Devices Division in 2013

Discussion in 'Latest Technology News' started by The Knight, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. The Knight

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    Nokia to Supposedly Sell Its Mobile Devices Division in 2013
  2. ayanavish

    ayanavish - binned -

    It’s just an opinion, and there’s no evidence pointing to any of this happening. Random company to choose though. Of all the companies, the prediction is for Huawei, :bleh:
  3. greenhorn

    greenhorn Well-Known Member

    Hope its not true!
  4. RD274

    RD274 I.can.edit.this?omg

    Random opinion from some idiot at Forbes. Move along guys ... move along.
  5. eternoMind

    eternoMind Well-Known Member

    No tech enthusiast would want that to happen!

    That said, i sometimes wonder whether Nokia's decision to not go with Android will make the company a case study subject down the years when it comes to strategic blunders.
  6. yashvisent

    yashvisent Active Member

    That's what happens when a Trojan Horse "Elop" invades
  7. blkrb0t

    blkrb0t It's Nothing Personal

    Nokia can wither down but never die. They have a very strong IP portfolio and a great presence in the emerging markets, and can leverage that to stay put in the market for a long time.
  8. harry_houdini

    harry_houdini Active Member

    I simply cannot understand why Nokia cant go the Android way. Am sure it would have had atleast some devices which would have sold in tons.
  9. vivek.krishnan

    vivek.krishnan Error Code 451

    Its the opinion of someone at Forbes. Honestly, though I am not a big Nokia fan, I do not want it to stop making handsets.
  10. astrokidvaibhav

    astrokidvaibhav Technocrat

    Since it is an ego problem for Nokia to not shift to android.. I guess the new acquiring company won't have any qualms about adopting the android os.. Then we could see some good phones from nokia..
  11. sasikanth8

    sasikanth8 Active Member

    Its a rumor.

    May be we see nokia mobiles with other open source os like ubuntu
  12. mathrisk

    mathrisk .: deleted :.

    I am not sure, but do Microsoft's contract with Nokia allows Nokia to use Android?
  13. greenhorn

    greenhorn Well-Known Member

    Every player in the smartphone field wants to differentiate, and nokia till now has had the luxury of owning or controlling at least 2 or 3 platforms, because controlling a platform gives you a totally different kind of leverage as opposed to being a 'me too' player and competing with all the other players on their terms.

    The trouble is that the whole phone market paradigm has changed, from one where you sold phones and got margins on the hardware, to one where the hardware margins have shrunk, and in either case, hardware is a much tougher market to compete with all the huawei's and micromaxes of the world. So what do you do? From selling a product which is becoming increasingly commoditized, you move to more of a service player than a product player, because its harder for your competitors to copy your service aspect.

    That is what apple has managed to do successively earning record profits, both on phones and laptops, while the hp's and dells of the world are figuring out what happened. You are competing at a different level. And at that point, your product sales become just one of your revenue streams, and you look at others. Take Apple and Google, two of the most sucessful smartphone platform owners. Google monetizes the android platform by harnessing the data it collects and finding more meaningful ways to target customers, and sell that data to advertisers. Apple uses it to lock users to its ecosystem and buy more of their products and their ecommerce platforms.

    That's the problem where Microsoft is having a hard time, and HP lost, and why I predict canonical will have a hard time, because their plan stops at selling the phone. Microsoft is banking on the UI commonality between WP8 and Windows 8, and the common ecosystem. HP put webOS into everything they had. Printers, and sadly not much else. Wasnt enough to lock customers, and their bungee CEO also didnt do any help either.

    Nokia wants full control - the platform, the hardware, and the carriers too (which is why it's prescence in the US isn't as big as it should be). It's taken an all or nothing strategy. Lets see if their bet pays off.
  14. harry_houdini

    harry_houdini Active Member

    Nokia tied up with Microsoft quite late when its own symbian software proved to be incompetent. That time already Android was gaining ground. So I dont think that is the reason.

    Great explanation but if it is that, Nokia comes out as a very rigid firm. They have to change with time, it sound quite stupid that Nokia is letting go off some profits for huge profits which are nothing more than empty at the moment. Lets say the earn some X amount of profit with android, 10X is they have their own platform. But the fact is they dont have anything at the moment, so why miss out on the X profit?. Frankly it sound stupid on part of Nokia.

    I have seen Samsung rise from nothing to a major player over the years because it was/is always flexible. Also Nokia have to fear that their brand is losing its value. There was a time when people used to say Nokia hi lena, now even in feature phones Samsung is coming out to be VFM. Yeah not to forget the Micromax and Huawei and what not.
    But I still feel if there is a quality product, people will buy it over the cheaper counterparts like micromax.
  15. greenhorn

    greenhorn Well-Known Member

    Nokia probably thinks (and it would be justified) that they have enough clout(at least for now) that their putting themselves behind a platform would be significant enough to give that platform some exposure. I mean it just needs a decent amount of nokia fanboys for nokia to say that "I will sell only WP phones", and for those fanboys to preach about nokia's goodness (and lord knows microsoft needs all the exposure they can get). and eventually WP will get enough marketshare along with nokia and then Nokia will have some leverage with microsoft.
    Alternately, if nokia were to adopt android, any other platforms it might also support would be dead in the water, much like bada is nowhere now despite samsung's best efforts, and WP would have the same end, and eventually nokia would end up as a "me too" player, just like LG or HTC
  16. Rockfella

    Rockfella Nordic.
    Section Mod

    I love Nokia and Motorola. Dayam!
  17. nRiTeCh

    nRiTeCh ╙TÉçhkⁿºwªy±iVé»╖

    Nokia should re-develop its very own Symbian platform to match and compete to android. Also, why the hell it went completely into windows I still dont get that. :annoyed:
  18. sumatrix

    sumatrix Well-Known Member

    They can still have a mix and match portfolio like samsung,running their phones on both windows and android.

    also they do have an upcoming OS in Tizen too.
  19. Praks

    Praks Well-Known Member

    Just hold on till Google launches new stuff from its purchased Motorola mobile division.

    Even biggies like Samsung & LG will have tough time.
  20. blkrb0t

    blkrb0t It's Nothing Personal

    Leave Symbian, I'd seen a better future with Meego. N9 was such a great device, Nokia could've kept it along with WP. But instead they went ahead and fired a whole bunch of their employees, and who were very talented. Just have a look at the range of innovative products ex-Nokia employees are coming up with.

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