Nokia to Launch 10.1’’ Windows RT Tablet

Discussion in 'Latest Technology News' started by The Knight, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. The Knight

    The Knight Knight is coming

    Nokia to Launch 10.1" Windows RT Tablet with Surface-Like Cover
  2. montsa007

    montsa007 Active Member

    The sinking ship is doing its best to stay afloat, how long though...
  3. ayanavish

    ayanavish - binned -

    Why with Windows RT :O
  4. haris5sani

    haris5sani Well-Known Member

    Nokia had done a huge mistake by not opting for Android OS & deciding upon not-ditching Symbian 4 years back !!

    Now again opting for Windows RT for tablet will be an epic fail for them(after opting for Windows 7.8 & 8 in mobile platform).

    Days are not far when Nokia will be doomed !!
  5. sudhanshu123

    sudhanshu123 Active Member

    this excites me,a nokia branded tablet(seems very unorthodox,doesn't it?) seems very classy and perfect-like to me....i think the forthcoming win 8 tablet will be the real winner for nokia(at least i would like to buy it).i dislike the notion of nokia being doomed or becoming doomed..i would like it to flourish,not because i am a fanboy,but because i really like what the company does.(or did).although,yeah,i do think they should have also hopped on the android bandwagon,with their creativity and mass appeal?they would have at least been a very strong contender for the top spot in sales(an android based lumia series with robust hw=samsung shitting their pants),but i am afraid it's too late for them now...they are letting themselves go down in the public's eye and that's the worst thing a company needs.
  6. Lord Nemesis

    Lord Nemesis Overlord of the Universe

    ^^ They were doomed the moment they made it clear that they are no longer giving importance to Symbian. How can any company that cannot even polish a mature, well established and feature rich OS be expected to succeed with any other OS (be it android or WP7).
  7. eternoMind

    eternoMind Well-Known Member

    ^^ There was only so much they could do with the polishing part and they did do a good enough job with the later iterations of Symbian. But there was very little that they could do to make the Symbian ecosystem more appealing. Heck, even lower end Symbian phones are being edged out by woefully inadequate Android phones. Dropping Symbian was inevitable and at the same time i would not deny that i would have loved to see Nokia dabble with Android (being a former Symbian v60 user i do feel more at home on Android than other smartphone OSes). As for Windows Phone, may be they could have gone the Samsung and HTC way.

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