Nexus 4 official: Android 4.2, Snapdragon S4 Pro, 4.7-inch 1280 x 768 display

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    No. you didn't get my point. the 8GB version is most probably subsidized, with Google hoping to earn profits through content sales etc. so at least on the 16gig version they hope to reduce the subsidy a bit or at least breakeven. people with 16 gigs on their phone are less likely to buy content as they have more content stored locally so lesser expected revenue through play store sales etc. from these guys. This is what the difference between 50$ and the price of 8GB flash storage is for.

    Not really. Ask him to declare it to be safe. Customs on phones is just 2%. you'd have to pay around ~350Rs. on the 16gig version.
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    16gb mem cost around 5$ :)Extra Flash storage in mobile devices is a big rip-off

    i think google is selling it without much profit but not on a loss , we feel happy to see the low price of nex4 since most of the competitors are selling the phones at exorbitant prices .
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    it will hover around 30k mark in india
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    They have a valid point for the rear glass issue but everything apart from that is pure rubbish.
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    How so? Don't you think the Antenna and Impact zone issue is valid? I know from my brother's O2X about antenna issues with LG, he has to keep folder paper under his O2X's back cover to avoid frequent loss of signal.
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    I have owned the o2x and never faced any such issue.
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    Well, then lets just hope the reviewers at XDA are complete noobs and that the Nexus 4 BQ is not an issue.

    I thought the issues that are highlighted in the XDA article are valid but I hope LG has addressed them, because I am also in the market for a new phone and at that price point Nexus 4 is lucrative.
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    LG phones are always cheap & choppy (Sorry LG Fanboys, love it or hate it but thats the reality).
    The main cons of this phone are
    -LG, yep the brand has a very poor rep (atleast in India, combine it with a horrible resale value and you have a recipe of destruction!
    -Non removeable battery (Altough its a trend lately, but the battery will die someday or the other)
    -Chiclet style design (The flashy back panel :lol:)

    Altough its priced very effectively in the USA, the price in India will be high (for sure) and am not sure if they have any plans to launch it in India?

    And yeah, the guy who asked about warranty @sasikanth8, am pretty damn sure it'll be valid in USA and not over here. besides 10th december delivery time sucks.
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