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Discussion in 'Mobile Phone Buying Advice' started by indialogue, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. indialogue

    indialogue Member

    Just got my brand new Nexus 4. Yay! However...can already see that without some really good protection, it is going to be a fingerprint and crack magnet. Any suggestions on good cases available in India? No old-uncle leather button cases please. Thanks!
  2. S.H.A.D.E

    S.H.A.D.E The Paladin

    Have you checked out ebay yet??
    nexus 4 case | eBay
    And where did you get the n4 from! Cheers! :)
  3. indialogue

    indialogue Member

    Didn't like the Ebay selection to be honest. N4 was from HopShopGo
  4. roadrippersid

    roadrippersid Active Member

    i wanna buy one too checking out hpshopgo in how many days it arrived what was the damages ?
  5. nfsnfs

    nfsnfs Active Member

    Try MOFI pouches , if you are into pouches .
  6. windhawk91

    windhawk91 Active Member

    Hey, mind posting damages? I am interested in how much it cost you through hopshopngo. Thanks.
  7. indialogue

    indialogue Member

    Was around USD24 for shipping from HopShopGo and got charged INR1100 (including Fedex charges) for customs here. Shipped on a Friday from the US and reached me on Thursday, so 4-5 days excluding weekend
  8. roadrippersid

    roadrippersid Active Member

    but now the site doesnt have 16gb nexus tehre ;(
  9. prateekS

    prateekS Well-Known Member

    What site? Hopshopgo is just a freight forwarder website...
  10. benryu

    benryu Active Member

    Can you tell that total amount you have incurred to get the phone please.
  11. indialogue

    indialogue Member

    It came up to around 22K (inclusive of shipping and customs)

    - - - Updated - - -

    Finally decided to order this off Ebay -
    Sigh - will take another 3-4 weeks to reach apparently and this, after paying a hefty premium over the prices for this case in the UK/US
    Anyways, fingers crossed that I get it in time

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