Car & Bike Next Gen Pulsar Unveiled :D

Discussion in 'General Talk' started by abhifusion, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. abhifusion

    abhifusion Well-Known Member


    Welcome the all new Pulsar 200 NS !

    Technical Specifications

    - 4 valve liquid cooled single cylinder liquid(water) cooled engine

    - 6 speed gearbox

    - 23.5 PS @ 9500 RPM

    - 18.3 Nm of torque @8000 RPM

    - 199.5 cc

    - Carb UCD 33

    - 145 kg

    - 12 L tank

    - Ground clearance 167mm

    - Front telescopic suspensions

    - Rear nitro mono shocks

    - Front/ Rear brakes: Petal disc’s with floating caliper, 280mm front/ 230 mm rear

    - Top speed 136 kmph

    - 0 -60 : 3.61 sec

    - 0 -100 : 9.83 sec

    - 10 spoke alloy

    - 100/80 17 inch front tyre

    - 130/70 17 inch rear tyre

    - Price Approx 1 L

    - Availablity Around April 2012 [​IMG] ...

    - Image Courtesy (Zingwheels, Pulsar Facebook page)

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  2. manojkrishnaks

    manojkrishnaks Active Member

    Wow,superb news [​IMG] But some questions in mind

    1.Kitna deti Hai?

    2.Where is the silencer? [​IMG]
  3. mathrisk

    mathrisk .: deleted :.

    looks awesome.

    but yeah, where's the exhaust [​IMG]
  4. OP

    abhifusion Well-Known Member

    Exhaust is under body [​IMG] , similar to Duke200 ...
  5. chaitu.genius

    chaitu.genius Active Member

    Under seat exhaust like the cb 1000rr
  6. m-jeri

    m-jeri A Nobody.


    Think its under the engine.. i read somewhere.. must be wrong.
  7. latino_ansari

    latino_ansari Active Member

  8. Gannu

    Gannu Unbanned

  9. Chaoseater

    Chaoseater Well-Known Member

    Damn, Bajaj rather could play around with Duke Bikes for nude bikes. Me wants a Pulsar with Full fledged fairing. I hope there is one coming soon [​IMG]
  10. OP

    abhifusion Well-Known Member

    ^ Its not coming up with full fairing atleast for now [​IMG] ... Next year 350cc version might sport it ...

    Although I liked it, I would still look for Duke 200 or CBR250R as a potential upgrade to my P220 ...
  11. Dark Star

    Dark Star Well-Known Member

    A cheap shot at Ktm [​IMG]

    So much for next gen. [​IMG]

    Seriously it looks even worse than current Pulsar 135 [​IMG]
  12. Nalin

    Nalin Gamer Inside

    I think it's definately better than current generation 220..

    But spending over 1 Lack for a bajaj bike seems a little downer [​IMG]

    Lets see what happens in april
  13. Neo-N

    Neo-N Well-Known Member

    Though the front cowl is a bit ugly, one must appreciate the efforts made by Bajaj. Hero is gonna have a really tough time... [​IMG]
  14. damn

    damn Active Member

    It'll be close to 1lac. Great offereing for that price point. About bloody time they added monocross and liquid cooling.

    The rated mileage is 54, I hope they didn't compromise low end torque.

    Any word on the headlamp type?
  15. Neo-N

    Neo-N Well-Known Member

    Headlamp looks like a normal multi reflector assembly with the trademark pulsar twin park lights. I am not expecting HIDs or projection lamps in such a small headlamp assembly.
  16. sunny27

    sunny27 Stig's Indian Cousin!!!

    The Pulsar will be priced at 80-85 on road. It borrows a lot from KTM but then Bajaj has a 40%+ stake in KTM. I like the design - some of the cues are from the Pulsar 135. Pulsar haters and naysayers you will have dust sprayed in your face everytime you get left behind by one of these.

    I would love to have this bike but i figured out I need one last hurrah before graduating into 4 wheelers so I am booking the KTM this week!
  17. RS4

    RS4 Well-Known Member

    Awesome stuff from Bajaj, good looks+ 23.5PS+ 4 valves,liquid cooled+ monoshocks for under 1 lakh is a great package.

    Zigwheels first ride report:

    Last para from the above link:

  18. JuGGa

    JuGGa ftw !!

    The design (especially the headlight) gives me a feel of "Twister" [​IMG]
  19. chiragsthakur

    chiragsthakur Well-Known Member

    Great bike from Bajaj. First pulsar to really get my applause. KTM engineering reflects in this model like mass centralization, looks, exhaust placement etc. Doesnt it resemble LML Graptor to some extent.. especially the front part...
  20. m-jeri

    m-jeri A Nobody.

    I dont know what u guys are looking at.

    The design is just brilliant. Also before saying that think its a bajaj and will be priced under a lakh. AND WITH A MILEAGE OF 58!!. Agreed the front cowl could have been better and the p135 number plate que could have been ignored. Atleast a single arm instead of the same dual. and also the tail light. the P200/P220 ones are better than this.

    Just want this bike to be as big as p200/p220F.

    What the hell do u guys want more?. If u do want more, pay up and get better brands.

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