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Discussion in 'Mobile Phone Buying Advice' started by Sourav, Feb 3, 2013.

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  1. Sourav

    Sourav Active Member

    Hey fellas!

    Need a new phone for the wife.

    1. Q: Budget?
    A: Within 15-20k

    2. Q: Preferred Form Factor(flip, bar, slider)?

    A: Doesn't matter.

    3. Q: Preferred display type?
    A: Doesn't matter, as long as it has 3.5" real estate or more :unsure:

    4. Q: Do you have any brand preference or dislike? Please name them.
    A: The wife is quite careless with electronics, so would prefer something sturdy and reliable, like of the Nokia's of yore :bleh:

    5. Q: Preferred input method (Touchscreen, QWERTY, etc.)?
    A: Touch screen is the norm these days, so I guess touchscreen it is.

    6. Q: Camera required or not? If required, please specify type like front camera/flash/etc.
    A: Camera is not a priority, but a decent cam wouldn't hurt.

    7. Q: Preferred operating system? (Android, Symbian, iOS, Windows Phone etc).
    A: Windows Phone > Android.

    8. Q: Preferred connectivity options? (3G, Wifi, Edge etc).
    A: MUST have 3G, Wifi.

    9. Q: What is your intended use for this phone(internet, camera, multimedia, mails, etc)?
    A: Mail, Internet, SMS, bit of music & video. Also has to have the ability to configure multiple email accounts without too much hassle.

    10. Q: Any other requirements?
    A: Dual SIM would be cool, not mandatory tough. Shouldn't weigh a ton

    11. Q: If you have already considered a phone then please mention the model.
    A: HTS 8S, Nokia Lumia 620

    Do I need to mention anything else? I think these questions are fairly comprehensive, and cover most of the requirements.
    Let me know your thoughts gents!

  2. aquaticbullet

    aquaticbullet Well-Known Member

    620 is way better than htc.
    If you will consider Android then u may look at xperia go. Study and has feminine appeal.
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  3. ALPHA17

    ALPHA17 Cooler "Master"

    Very few options there currently but the best that come to mind are --
    • SONY XPERIA go
    • MOTOROLA Defy
    • Nokia Lumia 620 (tentative)
    I don't think the hTC 8S is as tough as it looks but have never used it in person so let someone more experienced with the same leave their opinion for you.

    Personally own the go and without doubt it is one tough cookie, I even discarded the screen-guard because it had air-bubbles and in the past ~6 months of operations no scratches. The rear cover is poly-carbonate so can be a little flimsy on its own but the nice grain-matte finish on it means that scratches and dings are a lot less easy to stand out.

    Only big con is that the battery is not swappable so you have to be careful whilst going on excursions. With a mix of gaming (Temple Run, RoboTek and Air Patriots) + Wi-Fi on for majority of the day (standby not active, occasional use of Whatsapp) + 1 hour of yakking, the 1300 mAH battery gives just over ~2 days standby.

    Hope this helps. Cheerio!
  4. vipulkamde

    vipulkamde Tech Investor

    wait for lumia 620...:D
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  5. OP

    Sourav Active Member

    Thanks to all mateys!

    Hmm, so most of you recommend waiting for the Lumia 620 eh?
    Makes a lotta sense, IMO.
    @ALPHA17 - The Xperia go looks cool. Quick question though, can it be upgraded to ICS? Also, does it have options to configure email clients?
    I ask this question as I am used to an iPhone, which has awesome email client support!

    Any other suggestions that I can consider?
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  6. ALPHA17

    ALPHA17 Cooler "Master"

    You are welcome.

    Yes, Windows Phone will benefit immensely because of Outlook integration. Even better than the iPhone in my honest opinion.

    Thanks for the compliment, it is compact and hardy, yes. It is already running ICS and will get a Jelly Bean update sometime in March. I have not tried configuring mail clients as I do not require them, will try and let you know how it goes.

    By default it has the GMAIL application out of the box which is okay for regular mail but lacks in the official department but you can manipulate the mails in the most barest sense.

    Hope this helps, Cheerio!

    Update: Just checked, there are a ton of paid and free apps for the same purpose floating on the Play Store.
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  7. OP

    Sourav Active Member

    Thanks again for the prompt response mate!

    I guess I'll check with the wife, what her heart desires :lol:.
    She has been lusting after WP8 for a while now, and has been using Nokia's since the beginning of time!

    Well, I guess my questions have been answered.
    If she's okay with the Xperia, then Xperia it is.
    Else, lets wait and watch for the Lumia 620.

    Thanks again fellas!
    Keep Rocking!
  8. nishthecooldude

    nishthecooldude Well-Known Member

    Don't go with Nokia & windows.....ur missing on something gr8 if u haven't switched to android....
    Go for the newly launched Samsung Galaxy grand....5" wvga ...1gb ram..8mp cam...dual sim....go have a look and u will surely regret if u buy any phone before trying this....:)
  9. raksrules

    raksrules Well-Known Member

    Can you please elaborate on this ?
    And yes mods might warn you for using SMS lingo.
  10. terence_fdes

    terence_fdes wizened Dinosaur

    Wait for Blackberry 10 phones to come by next month..... I know this statement is going to stir up a hornets nest

    Pricing is still unknown.

    Folks are just beginning to discover that their latest OS is pathbreaking and revolutionary, built on QNX. It will take mobile computing to new levels. Handling multiple email accounts securely is just one tiny bonus.

    Note: I have been a Blackberry basher & I thought that they along with Nokia are prehistoric. However having second thoughts
    Check this out BlackBerry 10: Forget about the phone - it's the OS that really counts | ZDNet

  11. RS4

    RS4 Well-Known Member

    ^^ BB10 wont come inside his budget of 15-20k.
    @Sourav: Lumia 620 will be a good buy, it is supposed to launch in Feb.
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  12. OP

    Sourav Active Member

    Gents, you all need to chillax ;)

    It's just a phone, and it's a matter of personal perspective.
    After all, it all boils down to what the wife prefers.

    She has used WP7 based devices that some of her colleagues at work have.
    She prefers the WP interface more than android.
    So, for now I guess we will be waiting for the Lumia 620.

    If it turns out to be good, and within the price bracket, then it will be considered.
    Else, the awesome folks at TE will be called upon, once again, to share their awesome POV's :)

    I'm wondering if there still exists a way to close the thread.
    I recall that there used to be that option, from someplace within the user control panel or something :unsure:
    Anyone care to elaborate?

    I'll reopen this thread later, if I need suggestions again.
    In case I can't, may I request a friendly mod to kindly close this thread?
    Till then, thank you all for your suggestions!
    You're Awesome! :bigok:
  13. raksrules

    raksrules Well-Known Member

    No need to close the thread. Keep it open and bump whenever you want at a later date.
  14. ayanavish

    ayanavish - binned -

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