New cable TV Tariffs to put a hole in your pocket!

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Are you saving money with this New TRAI rule?

  1. Yes (Saved more than ₹100/mo)

  2. No (My bills have increased)

  3. Don't see any change! I pay the same

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  1. seshu

    seshu *

    Hathway - Hyderabad :
    at present there is no such choice to select required NCF 100 channels !
    [Hathway - online form]
  2. nRiTeCh

    nRiTeCh If you can see the green dot, I'm online ;-)

    Hathway aint dth but I think once you select any new base pack, ncf might get added auto to the final package.
  3. sharktale1212

    sharktale1212 Well-Known Member

    I am on Videocon DTH and this is like an unmitigated disaster. I forgot my online password and trying to recover it for past 1 week to no success. Then to make matters worse they cut all the channels except free ones yesterday during prime time. How's other operators doing?
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  4. Vagabond

    Vagabond Well-Known Member

    In my case I selected desired 15-20 channels and submitted on Sunday, yesterday its activated and don`t see Sony HD, not sure if forgot to select it but now don`t see option to add it. How shall I add it?
  5. sharktale1212

    sharktale1212 Well-Known Member

    No idea. I am struggling to even select channels as none of the password options - OTP, Forgot Password works. So, stuck with the free 100 channels.
  6. Lord Nemesis

    Lord Nemesis Overlord

    That's what happens when a regulator rushes out things like these in a half arsed manner. The DTH providers were forced to setup the page for channel selection by TRAI, which they did, but now no way to change the selection. TRAI didn't even specify what the protocol would be for effecting changes in the selection. For example, if a customer wants to change selection, when should it come into effect? Immediately? Next Billing cycle?

    Try talking to their customer care directly. But I doubt even they will be able to help. TRAI insisted on having customers be in control of selection. Should customer care be able to make edits to customer selection? How do you track and audit that the change is at behest of customer. There is too much confusion.
  7. kidrow

    kidrow Well-Known Member

    I'm on Videocon d2h as well. I'd selected the channels well before the deadline, & the changes were made only yesterday. Even yesterday itself, the changes happened very gradually - bit by bit. But it seems as though my selection has been respected. Will need to just verify once.

    @sharktale1212 I'm getting a blank screen after login via OTP. So possibly, a temporary glitch?

    @Vagabond - Just go through the dreamdth forum. A lot more info, specific to respective operators, is available there. It's possible Sony HD is no longer being offered. If that's the case, that forum should have the info.
  8. Channu

    Channu Well-Known Member

    D2H has been a complete mess since I changed my registered number, the OTP is never sent on registered number. On getting it changed by CC guys , i start to receive OTP on new number but it won't register with the login as valid. In this mess since 20th Jan and not addressed till now.
    Buggers don't have my email registered with them and despite several requests (3 to be precise) not even an acknowledgement. Mail to nodal officer too yield nothing and trust me sometimes the CC guys are so retard that you may as well do something untoward to your phone if you don't reign in your temper in time.
    Absolute rubbish company to put up with and such laggy and retard UI on set top box.
  9. logistopath

    logistopath Molar Police
    Super Mod

    I had selected alacarte channels previously in the last week of Jan and submitted that request. However, it did not switch to the new selection even on 3rd Feb. Meanwhile, I kept checking other permutations and combinations, and found an ideal selection of various broadcaster bouquets that fit my needs without increasing my monthly budget (it comes with all HD sports channels too). I logged in to my account and again selected these bouquets and submitted my request yesterday. Within a few minutes, all the channels got updated. Having no issues as of now.
    I am on Airtel BTW.
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  10. sharktale1212

    sharktale1212 Well-Known Member

    From what I read on twitter, both the channel selection link and customer lines are down. So everyone needs to email D2H their choices and keep their fingers crossed that changes happen within 24 hours. I sent them the mail along with the login issue. But they ignored my selection and instead replied to the login issue saying they need "screenshots".

    I also see a channel on DTH - Number 999 if I remember correctly. We can select channels there and it will then generate a QR and SMS code. This can be sent to D2H to update selection. But I got no confirmation whether they received my message or not.

    So, for now I am running an androix box hooked to TV and Jio TV app. All channels are available for free. I am really tempted to just drop D2H and use this setup. But this might complicate things for my mom.
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  11. Nalin

    Nalin Gamer Inside

    For those who only watch limited number of channels this new TRAI rule is a boon. Earlier I was paying 1294/- monthly to Tata Sky for 3 TVs, now it's 623/- because we barely watch 5-6 channels at max in our family. No more HD Access fees too which was really a stupid idea to begin with.
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  12. technofast

    technofast Well-Known Member

    Not sure what is happening with airtel dth. I had selected the channels and sent SMS for the new packs which was ackowledged but still the packs have not changed.
  13. adder

    adder Well-Known Member

    Do the channels selections in their website, it takes effect within few minutes.
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  14. unni

    unni Well-Known Member

    Just received the new channel selection notice from my local operator. They added two new fees in addition to the minimum 153.40:
    • a mandatory STB maintenance contract fee of 30 per month (that doesn't cover remote and physical damages) and
    • a service fee of 20 per month.
    That makes the total minimum 203.40! They say the service fee is in leu of the 250 rs they could charge per connection issue visits.

    I was paying 300 per month before for all channels. I am just cancelling cable.
  15. sharktale1212

    sharktale1212 Well-Known Member

    Well, Videocon seems to have head up their ass. They show a package called Diamond Sport Combo. I sent an email to their id asking for activation. Now because that puts my bill way below their previous monthly charge they refused to activate it. What a load of BS.

    So, going for Jio IPTV from now on.
  16. Channu

    Channu Well-Known Member

    Videocon is such a pita. If there are some good offers I may just throw their ugly box or crush it to pieces but sadly that will cost me 2.5K probably for a new Tatasky. It's there only for parents or else I don't even need this kind of retardation in my life.
  17. raksrules

    raksrules Well-Known Member

    I am sure many people at this point are keeping the cable only because their parents aren't tech savvy (including mine) and are used to do casual channel surfing. When most channels now have their apps and upload TV shows in their apps too.
    If I was staying alone or somewhere else, I would have cancelled Cable already.
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  18. Julian

    Julian om nom nom

  19. seshu

    seshu *

    that should be a joke !

    few years back,
    a regional newspaper reported that all tv channels can be shown for Rs 70 per month.

    GST was a new thing at that time. local Hathway monthly payment was Rs 150 ...
    then it changed to Rs 200 - again to Rs 250 - and now it is little above Rs 300 ...
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