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Discussion in 'Computer Software' started by Dark Star, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. Dark Star

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    Touted as one of the most prominent burning suite for Windows, Nero didn't stand back when Linux is concerned either. Following their trend of providing unblemisshed Burning suite for Linux, Nero recently updated their Linux offering and introduced a new version tagged as Nero 4.

    The newer version improves overall integration and offers more pronounced support for Linux and optical drives and media handling. Nero Linux 4 for the first time introduce the Express wizard for Linux.


    With the inclusion of the express wizard Nero ease the burning application in Linux giving tougher competition to the free and open source counterpart in Linux. The burning quality of other players are far cry to that of Nero Linux with incomplete burning integration and improper UDF implementation.

    Nero chips in and provides a strong and stable burning suite available for decent price tag. With nero loaded in the system one can have peace of mind and can be assured that there won't be Disc squander .

    • Easy, wizard-style user interface for guided burning with Nero Linux Express 4
    • Features the best professional burning solution, Nero Linux Burning ROM
    • Advanced settings and options for burning CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray Discs ISO 9660 file system support for Blu-ray
    • BD Defect Management (enable/disable)
    • Lightweight Linux bootloader disc support
    • SmartDetect automatic drive detector
    • Enhanced audio format support for AIFF and MusePack
    • Support from FreeDB

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The new version comes with beautiful startup splash, however this only works when compiz is triggered. I have created a short video of the same. Unfortunately due to crap ATI drivers the video recording becomes a bit sluggish, while the performance will be very fast in real world usage.


    Nero Linux 4 Demonstration ​

    Linux disc burning review published in Linuxforyou : Burning Suite Review.7z

    Nero 4 : Nero - Nero Linux 4

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  2. phoenix844884

    phoenix844884 The Analyst

    it may be good, but it defeats the whole point of FOSS!

    until Nero releases a "free" version for Linux, I am sticking with K3b
  3. vishalrao

    vishalrao Global Moral Police

    This being the "express" version I believe there are some limitations, anyone can post them?
  4. Aladdin

    Aladdin Active Member

    K3b ftw !!! :p
  5. thewisecrab

    thewisecrab New Member

    What use is opensource if it cant be free? :(
  6. OP
    Dark Star

    Dark Star Well-Known Member

    ^^Its neither opensource nor free :) Its just a quality product .
  7. spynic

    spynic New Member

    well said. :)

    I have used nero express for linux sometime ago, and I pretty much liked it.
  8. rajndra

    rajndra Active Member

    Why should anyone buy a "quality linux OS/product" when there are many free quality linux (Ubuntu, Fedora etc) OS/products available ?

    Doesn't make sense!!
  9. Gaurish

    Gaurish Well-Known Member

    with $19.9 for new version and $10.00 for Upgrade. Its pretty cheap. so I see the product is mainly targetting the OEM, they buy in bulk, which would bring prices further down.

    So you would surely see Nero Linux 4 on most Linux powered netbooks and many manufucters who ship their hardware with Linux OS would be interested in this. so still its gonna be free for end users

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