Need Suggestion on bluetooth portable speaker

Discussion in 'Gadgets & Consumer Electronics Buying Advice' started by gauviz, Oct 2, 2018.

  1. gauviz

    gauviz Active Member

    Hi Guys, im looking to buy a bluetooth portable speaker for home /outside use.

    I have looked at JBL Charge 3 and UE Boom 2 and both look good.
    I want to use it mostly at home and will be plugged in living room. The issue is that it seems that they go to sleep after some time of inactivity and you have to press a button to wake them which would be a hassle to do couple of times a day. I know i can buy Amazon echo but then it's not portable. So basically i need an always on home speaker which also has battery.

    What would you guys suggest ?
    Also is the Bose soundlink mini worth the extra money over JBL Charge 3 ?
  2. adventureguy

    adventureguy Well-Known Member

    Ive heard both UE boom and bose soundlink mini. I would definitely suggest UE boom 2. that thing is packing a lot of sound in very small form factor.
  3. superczar

    superczar Well-Known Member

    The HK esquire2 was available highly discounted ..probably 7.5K- see if it is still available
    while I had brought it for conf calls , I was pleasantly surprised by the sq, especially mid range and vocals
    while I can't compare it to the ones you have listed, it sounds a whole lot better than the others I have (JBL charge 1 and JBL Voyager -which has better bass when attached to base but that's a given I guess as the base is wired and large )

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