Need help in creating a solution architecture for a simple platform - using MS Office Suite

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    Hey guys,

    So I am planning to build a simple portal for my company, which essentially maps resource capabilities. eg: Employee 1 has 2 years of experience in pharma industry with SAP MM module in production planning domain (essentially 3 dimensions - industry, tech & business domain)

    Desirable features are:
    1. Direct integration with our office 365 account to pick up new mail ids added in our domain (to identify new employees)
    2. Automated forms / alerts to be sent to users to capture the above mentioned data points
    3. Management reports and dashboards on the go (who doesn't love them :D)

    Couple of options I have in mind:

    1. Use Access to create a normalized DB. Link it with power BI for dashboard and reports. To collect data I may use forms functionality of access.

    Issue : There is no such thing as online access DB I guess. And we don't have a server where I can put this DB along with scripts. All we have is access to MS suite of products i.e. Office, Sharepoint, Forms etc.

    2. Someone suggested me to use Sharepoint. All I could see is that I can publish the access DB to sharepoint. Any idea how to achieve this ?

    3. In a shared folder create Access DB, Excel input form and Excel output dashboard.

    Issue: How do i set up automated reminder mails to employees to punch in the data ?
    Also how do I link with email exchange to pick up mail ids ?

    The idea is to make this as a self sustainable system with minimal efforts in development & support.
    Any guidance would be helpful. Attaching a screenshot to show what I am trying to achieve.


    P.S : Though this is not a hardcore programming question, I couldnt find any other place to put this thread. Mods please move this to appropriate place, if needed.

    Also I am big noob here. My primary skill set is not programming so excuse if the question is not well framed. Please let me know in case of any clarifications.
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  3. OP

    aquaticbullet Well-Known Member

    The thing is I am trying to avoid gsuite products because we are on MS office. I don't want to use personal mail Id to create a sheet or a form.

    BTW you said Nice. Reason ?? :D
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  5. nRiTeCh

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    Online db access is possible with Power BI. In my last co. one team used to work only on databases which use to output beautifully in Power BI. We got some data analysis done in pictorial form from them.
  6. OP

    aquaticbullet Well-Known Member

    The problem is online DB and not online DB access :)
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    I do have access to Delve.
    But how do I use it for my set of requirements. Can you just point me to right direction ? I think I am missing something here.
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  7. nRiTeCh

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    Online db as well if you use azure. Our virtual sql farm was hosted on azure as well and accessing it totally depends on your network.
  8. OP

    aquaticbullet Well-Known Member

    Have already checked that and for Azure we will have to shell out money.
    I am looking for something which can be done with what we have i.e. office 365.

    I came across something called as Powerapps. Still exploring it. Will keep everyone posted.

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