Budget 15-20K Need a Phone that works in US

Discussion in 'Mobile Phone Buying Advice' started by sushil.mudgil, Feb 20, 2018.

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    Off lately, I am traveling frequently to north america region. Everytime, i travel I carry my Moto G5 Plus India version and always struggles with mobile signals and 4 G data. I tried switching operators but to no avail. Finally on checking with operator, i was told that my phone is not compatible with 4 G network band on US region & accordingly was advised to buy anything in Apple Phones or Samsung Galaxy S7 series and Up. off cource they are beyond my budget .

    I do not want to buy a phone in US for sure, hence looking for a all rounder which works well in both countries. Is there any other option in india under 20 K. I am a regular user and will use phone for normal tasks like whatsapp / Skype / outlook / calls etc. I do not play games and might listen to music on phone Once in blue moon.

    My only requirement is a good screen with min 5.5" size, good camera most probably and a type C connector if possible.
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    blackberry priv.
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    Galaxy S7 often goes near 23K in India on Flipkart. With card offers its another 1-2K off.
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    Samsung slashed the price for S7 now it retails 22990/- its no more a offer price.
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  5. OP

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    S7 is on my radar as well but only problem is it's 5.1 " screen. that; s only think not helping this .
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    Sushil, I am on same boat and looking for a phone with same requirements. What did you decide?

  7. vivek.krishnan

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    I heard that the Mi A1 has all the bands needed, you might want to look into that. However, you might have to get a used device.
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    What's your budget
    S8 can be bought for $400 in USA ( gsm will work, not sure about cdma like Sprint and Verizon)

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