Must Read Articles for us Computer Science / IT Grads

Discussion in 'Programming' started by bosky101, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. princeoo7

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    I think We Should also have a thread on how to craft / plan career in I.T for greater guidance [​IMG]
  2. anoop_mig25

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    nice thread
  3. blufox

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    1. What every programmer should know about Memory.
    2. What every Computer Scientist should know about floating points.
    3. Programming as an Art.
  4. ritwick

    ritwick New Member

    Thank you for this article and putting all the useful links together.
  5. sky

    sky Active Member

    Thank you.
  6. Bhoot

    Bhoot New Member

    Must say as a CS student i find these reads very good .
    They do seem a bit outdated in the sense certain new job opportunities are rising up .
    As far as I see , Mathematics is the one subject that trumps all the coding for me . I am as such someone who understands codes quite easily , my bane is maths (i mean for an Indian) . Streams like Data Science (operating on big data) require high level of maths to be mastered .
    But one thing is for sure ...
    I dont need to worry about all the jobs going to India ;p
    Thanx for the links , I'll share 'em with my friends .
  7. arnuld

    arnuld Member

    My Dear Bhoot,

    These reads are in no way outdated, and they will never be outdated. I know all those cries on words like BigData and Cloud Computing and what not but did you ever try to search in detail what is underneath all those marketing-MBA-hyped- words ? Search and you will know why the articles mentioned here will never be outdated

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