Mozilla firefox extensions bug certifications error!!

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    Mozilla says that the issue is due to a certificate expiration, and that it's working to fix the issue. In a blog post, Mozilla says that it's identified the issue, and it's begun rolling out a fix for users. “The fix will be automatically applied in the background within the next few hours...

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    Add-ons disabled or fail to install on Firefox
    (Redirected from Add-ons failing to install on Firefox)
    9:31am PST, Please do not delete your add-ons as an attempt to fix. You will lose any data related to the add-on.
    Disabled add-ons will not lose any data.

    As of 8:13am PST, there is no fix available for Android. The team is working on it.


    From FF team

    FF Blog

    So don't uninstall , disable or delete your existing FF addons/extensions as FF has screwed it automatically from their ends. It will be fixed automatically.
    Make sure the mentioned options are set to enabled to get it fixed!!

    If you are still curious install the Hotfix manually from this link and all disabled add-ons etc are re-enabled once again.
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    Its fixed, was some cert issue. If you update FF would be solved I guess?
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    Installing or upgrading to v 66.0.4 fixes the issue. Also make sure you upgrade the extensions after doing the ff upgrade.
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    Mozilla is lazy and careless but can't seem to stop whining about Google's increasing Monopoly in the market. They broke their entire Add on system by centralizing the Add on code signing process and then can't be bothered to keep the certs used in the code signing process updated when they expire. Think this already happened once some years ago and we see it happen again. They should be rightfully embarrassed about this.
  5. OP

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    No need to upgrade extensions. Some wont work after update.

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