Storage Solutions Most durable pen drive, please?

Discussion in 'Computer Hardware' started by TheOneVj, Apr 21, 2010.

  1. TheOneVj

    TheOneVj New Member

    I'm looking for at least 8gb or 16gb pen drive, but it has to be durable. All my past pen drives that include 2x16gb, 1x4gb and 2x2gb have gone kaput or only copy like 10% of their capacity. Oh yes, almost forgot, they all were transcend.

    So can you guys suggest some pen drives that are in the 1.5k range.

    P.S: can the pen drives be brought back to life? although i'm in no mood to do that since they'll surly die on me again.
  2. krishnandu

    krishnandu Well-Known Member

    I would recommend Corsair
  3. Charun

    Charun Well-Known Member

    go ahead for corsair pendrives

    it has 10 yrs warranty also

    i bought a corsair 8 gb pendrive recently for 1k including shipping from mumbai
  4. vivacious_tg

    vivacious_tg Well-Known Member

    go for Corsair voyager or survivor drives.... they are most reliable durable drives available ...I believe OCZ ATV are also good.....
  5. broadway

    broadway Active Member

    My 8gb corsair voyager stopped working within a week. Got it RMA'd.
  6. Gannu

    Gannu Unbanned

    Corsair Voyager hands down - offers a 10yr warranty IINM.
  7. Praks

    Praks Well-Known Member


    Corsair Voyager

    Used it, dumped in water, washed with detergent (by mistake), dropped many times.

    Still works like charm.
  8. adi_vastava

    adi_vastava Code Game Code F**K

    Copying 10% of capacity is pity(if in warranty try RMA) but you will surly observe some difference in the capacity because of the way hardware guys calculate capacity.

    Windows 1024 MB = 1 GB
    Hardware 1000 MB = 1 GB,

    so what is rated as 8 gb as per the manufacturer will be 7.xx in windows.

    Surprisingly I am using same brand pen drive for more than 1 year (8 GB) and working absolutely fine. Additionally I am using RAMs, Memory card from same brand for past 3 years and nothing went bad till date. Obviously I am not recommending it as may be its just me being lucky with them but my experience with products is good.
  9. amd999

    amd999 Active Member

    there is only difference in exterior build materials, all inside parts are almost same for many brands (only few with higher speeds).Any faulty usb port will damage all makes of usb drives whether its cheap or too costly.!!!
  10. panky.killer

    panky.killer Active Member

    amd999+ 1000 if many PD going dead or working wrong then u must check with the system over voltage can cause the problem to PD
  11. sibot

    sibot Active Member

    Corsair, no second thoughts.
  12. OP

    TheOneVj New Member

    Well, if the pen drives were purchased internationally can they but RMA'ed here in India? that too without a bill/box.

    Edit: Well thats the funny thing only one of the above mentioned pen drives died with me, the others are faulty from multiple sources so i don't think i can blame any USB port for this. Anyways pc is getting upgraded, so that problem should be taken care of.
  13. blr_p

    blr_p Well-Known Member

    How do you determine (beforehand) whether a USB port is faulty or not ?

    This means you have to be selective when using the pen drive. Many times this isn't always possible do you use an alternative method then ?
  14. Rahul++

    Rahul++ SuperUser

    Corsair no doubts...

    But I've some transcend and sandisk pendrives, I use them so so so roughly but still works.. :bleh: I just want to get rid of them but they don't let me :p
  15. blr_p

    blr_p Well-Known Member

    Right so i picked one up given you are so confident about them and the build is sturdy and feels great to touch. I bet you could bounce them off the ground and be ok. The packagaing is so solid it has to be destroyed to get at the goods.

    One common sense idea would have been to provide a cap to the terminals, corsair does this and i've seen tons of chinese ones that do so also, but the Transcend only slides the USB terminal into the case, on a table that might be fine but in a pant pocket, all sorts of junk could get in.

    Pricewise its 60% over transcend and i think you do get what you pay for.

    The only downside i can see to it is on a laptop where USB ports are very close together you will only fit one Corsair in there at a time compared to more Transcends.

    The warranty on mine clearly states 3 years on a small vendor applied sticker even tho the packaging clearly says 10 but its qualified by the word 'limited'. The Transcend however offers a 5 year warranty.

    HDTune found both of them fine, so lets see how long they last :)
  16. Gannu

    Gannu Unbanned

    ^Haha you want to know what I've done with mine? I had got mine from our very own bottle about 3 years back. Although the rubber casing now slides back and forth (owing to the heavy and rough usage!) revealing the small circuit, the pen drive still works without issues. I had lost the cap thrice and Corsair was prompt enough to send me the cap three times over, to the same address twice!

    This drive was more than just abused. A friend had accidentally dropped this in a bowl of buttermilk whilst having lunch (this was when I'd used it as a keychain!), another friend rolled his car over it (thanks to the rubber casing, the drive survived lol!), been dropped from a height countless times, thrown off the wall and bounced (ok the last two don't count :p) and what not!

    It still survives to tell the tale. Although I believe the speeds have come down a bit. I don't use it for large files anyway so this suits me. It's my usual bootable USB drive as well. :p
  17. XTechManiac

    XTechManiac Active Member

    Corsair, no second thoughts. :)

    I've a 8GB corsair pendrive. Used it very roughly but still works like charm..
  18. blr_p

    blr_p Well-Known Member

    It seems the biggest complaint from users is losing the cap.

    So they came out with a sliding style with the mini so there is no cap just like the Transcend. But the contacts are not sealed or are they ?

    Any one with a Corsair mini care to comment ?

    Mini's will not survive a dunking in butter milk i think :)

    The normal corsair is water resistant NOT water proof, for water-proof you'd need the corsair survivor. Tho the rubber casing will do a good job provided its only a temporary wetting.
  19. madnav

    madnav Well-Known Member

    +1 to corsair voyager..

    i would not suggest voyager mini at all...mostly because the slide mechanism is nt my preferred one and it is not as durable as the voyager...also not water proof :p
  20. New Member

    I haven't faced any problems with my Transcend 4 GB, which I have purchased almost 3 years back.
    Why don't you use the warranty policy (Life time warranty applicable if purchased after January 1st 2006) that comes with Transcend, if it is not working.

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