Budget 10-15K Mid-Range Phone

Discussion in 'Mobile Phone Buying Advice' started by suarezian, Nov 20, 2018.

  1. suarezian

    suarezian Well-Known Member

    My dad is looking to buy a Mid-Range Phone. So I have shortlisted the following devices:

    Redmi Note 6 Pro

    Realme 2 Pro

    Nokia 6.1 Plus

    Moto One Power

    My dad won't be playing games, but he will be installing a lot of useless apps. Also, the battery of the phone should last from morning till evening, since he makes a lot of phone calls. Camera and all doesn't matter. The main requirement is a good battery life. I had also shortlisted the Zenfone Max M1, but have heard negative reviews about it.
  2. J!gn3$h

    J!gn3$h Member

    Go with Moto One Power

    + Massive 5000mAH battery
    + AndroidOne
    + Android Pie update
    + Currently on offer on FlipKart

    - Average camera.
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  3. OP

    suarezian Well-Known Member

    Is the pie update out yet? Also, I just saw that it weighs 207 gms compared to 180 on the Zenfone which has the same battery capacity. Anyway, how is the Realme Pro 2?
  4. nRiTeCh

    nRiTeCh ╙TÉçhkⁿºwªy±iVé»╖

    Asus zenfone max pro m1
    Best battery
    good cam
    notification led
    stock android
    and much more.
  5. CapriAnupam

    CapriAnupam Well-Known Member

    What negatives did you hear about Asus Zenphone?
  6. Emperor

    Emperor Well-Known Member

    Hi do you own this phone.... how it is? please PM me.... I need an urgent buying as old one is about dying
  7. nRiTeCh

    nRiTeCh ╙TÉçhkⁿºwªy±iVé»╖

    Few people around have it and apart from 1-2 cons it is awesome.
  8. Emperor

    Emperor Well-Known Member

    Can you please provide that cons.... please
  9. nRiTeCh

    nRiTeCh ╙TÉçhkⁿºwªy±iVé»╖

    No quick charge. (really? it takes a good 3hours approx to charge from 0-100%)
    Video recording lacks stabilization (but this can be taken care by enabling debugging mode and then enable some hidden setting)
    No type C USB (this shouldn't be an issue)
  10. Gearbox

    Gearbox Tears Wears Gears

    Just go and read Flipkart reviews, after selecting "Negative comments" first.
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  11. aalok

    aalok Active Member

    no doubt about it.. used 4/64 version for a month or so.. now waiting for max pro m2.
  12. Emperor

    Emperor Well-Known Member

    I still unable to decide, can you shade more about Pros & Cons... as I less trust online review/comments.... please provide info

  13. chetansha

    chetansha Well-Known Member

    Moto one gets 1k price cut
  14. aalok

    aalok Active Member

    had upgraded from asus zenfone 2. used for a month or so, before it got stolen. now back to zenfone 2. i rarely click photographs. only documents or other work related pics. it had enough juice to last all day ( i charge my zenfone 2 twice a day). am bsnl / idea user. my primary no. is of bsnl, so no 4g. missed ACR / double tap screen awake/sleep in Max Pro M1. as already pointed by a fellow member, no fast charge, no usb-c. but i was OK with that. used it with sandisk 128 GB Micro SD card.
  15. AMG

    AMG Just another poor guy

    Well, my vote is for the Honor 8X, unless you find it a little too bling, which is whats stopping me from pulling the plug.

    I'd buy one for my GF in a heartbeat, though.

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